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 2020 virtual tour

Q: What will a virtual Courage Classic look like this year?

This year’s tour format will broaden the possibilities beyond what any of us ever dreamed. You can ride, spin, run, hike, walk or even sleep in to support Children’s Colorado! We can’t wait to see what creative ideas you come up with to fundraise and find community during a time when we need both of these things more than ever. We had sincerely hoped to pedal, cheer and drink dill pickle juice in person, but we know that the Courage Classic community will come together, once again, to make this virtual tour an incredible success.

Q: I am currently registered as a rider for this year’s tour. Does my registration need to be changed to a Virtual Rider status?

Nope. You’re all set! No changes need to be made to your registration as all riders are automatically “virtual” moving forward.

Q: Will registration fees be refunded for those who paid?

All registration payments for the 2020 Courage Classic will be converted to donations and applied to your fundraising total. Please email courageclassic@childrenscoloradofoundation.org if you have any questions.

Q: What is the deadline for registering for the virtual event? Can I still register?

Absolutely! We need you now more than ever. Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to register as a team captain, join a team or participate individually.

Q: Do I still need to meet the fundraising minimum to participate?

Due to the challenges presented by the novel coronavirus pandemic, fundraising minimums will not be required this year. Despite these changes, we are hopeful that many of our dedicated riders and fundraisers will still set ambitious fundraising goals, just as they have in years’ past, and try to meet or exceed $500 (the previous minimum fundraising amount for an adult rider) in fundraising if possible. But we also understand that many people’s economic circumstances have changed.

As so many of you know, our patients, families and caregivers need us now more than ever. Along with the incredible work Children's Colorado is doing related to COVID-19, including testing, medical caregiver relief, telemedicine, and research, we continue to combat and cure the many health challenges our patients face. Sick kids don’t get to take a break from medical treatments, even in a pandemic. So, while we will not be requiring a fundraising minimum, we do ask that you set your aspirations high for our kids. A lot is riding on all of us!

Q: If I can't host fundraising events in support of my ride, what are other options I might use?

There is no shortage of creative ideas out there, but we encourage you to start with Facebook!

  1. Join our Facebook group and start connecting with the Courage Classic community. This is where we will share updates, ideas and more!

  2. Through your participant center, set up a Facebook fundraiser. This is an exciting new feature that allows you to streamline your fundraising efforts and receive donations directly through Facebook. Check out step-by-step instructions to connect your fundraiser to Facebook.

Q: Will the virtual event still count towards my rider history and milestones, such as my cumulative total?

It sure will! As always, your fundraising efforts will count towards your lifetime fundraising, and this year will count towards the total numbers of tours that you’ve participated in.

Q: What if I receive check(s) or cash for my fundraising? Can these still be sent to the Foundation?

Yes! Please mail offline donations to the following address and include name and rider number.
        Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation
        Attn: Courage Classic
        PO Box 5003
        Denver, CO 80217-5003

Q: I’m a volunteer. What does my role look like in a virtual tour?

We can’t say it loud enough or often enough: volunteers are the air in our tires, the ring in our cowbells, the water in our bottles – you truly make this event possible. That doesn’t change this year. Although the event may look different, we still need you to help keep our community together and our riders inspired.
We encourage you to:

  • Join our Facebook group for fun challenges and more information coming soon! 

  • All registered volunteers can fundraise through the Participant Center! Consider logging in and setting up a Facebook Fundraiser to show your support through social media. If you need help accessing your participant center please email courageclassic@childrenscoloradofoundation.org

  • Keep your calendar marked for July 18-19 – walk, run, ride or sleep in…just help us celebrate Courage Classic the best way we can this year!

Virtual Tour Weekend

Q: What will virtual tour weekend look like?

Go the distance on or before July 18-19! Ride, walk, run, hike... do Courage Classic your way. Share your Courage Classic finish line on social media by posting to our Courage Classic Community Facebook group and posting an update for family and friends. Don't forget to use #CourageClassicCO.

Tour weekend calls for a celebration. Have a Zoom party with your team! *Please be sure to follow current CDC, state and local recommendations if you choose to gather with others.

On Sunday, July 19 at 6 p.m. we encourage you to join us for a special Courage Classic Virtual Program to see the incredible impact you have on Children's Colorado patients and families! We also welcome you to keep the Courage Classic BBQ tradition going by ordering a meal from one of our BBQ partners (more details coming soon).

Q: Are there any fun activities leading up to Courage Classic?

Yes – join us for Spirit Week, July 13-17, right before the weekend of Courage Classic! Post a photo each day with the corresponding hashtag to be entered to win prizes from our partners.

  • Motivation Monday – share what motivates you to be a part of Courage Classic by sharing a photo with your Motivation Monday sign! Make sure to use #CourageClassicCO.
  • Training Tuesday – show us how you are getting ready for the big Courage Classic weekend and post your most intense training pics and longest mileage. Don’t forget to schedule your tune-up with our Bike partners (more details coming soon).
  • Card Your Yard Wednesday – decorate your yard so neighbors know you are participating in Courage Classic to support Children's Hospital Colorado
  • Throwback Thursday – wear your throwback Courage Classic gear and post a pic to social media
  • Filled With Gratitude Friday (more details coming soon)

Q: Can we ride the Courage Classic Route the weekend of July 18-19? Will there be any support?

As we have fully transitioned to a virtual event, Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation will not have any permits to support an organized event along the typical Courage Classic route or anywhere else. By participating in the virtual event, you are participating as a general member of the public and should follow the public health and safety guidelines of each individual county that you go the distance in. We discourage using the typical Courage Classic route for your activity as that could cause too many riders on the route without the necessary support for mass ridership.

Q: Can we train on the Courage Classic Route?

As a general member of the public, you are welcome to train wherever local municipalities are allowing recreation. Please be sure to look online at public health orders for each county you plan to visit, to be sure you are following local guidelines. For example, Summit County Public Health Orders. Great resources for route planning include COTrex and Summit County Trail Maps.

Q: Can we recommend other routes to our team and in the Courage Classic Community Facebook Group?

Yes! It’s always great to share ideas! However, please keep group sizes to 10 or under as to not violate municipality requirements for organized rides.

Q: Can we invite family or friends to cheer us on?

Absolutely! We know this keeps you going at the tour, and we hope you get creative to create the same fun experience this year! Please keep in mind social distancing, masking and gathering size considerations to keep everyone safe.

Q: Can we wear our team jerseys the weekend of Courage Classic?

Absolutely! Please share your photos with us on the Courage Classic Community Facebook group! As you will be representing Courage Classic and Children’s Hospital Colorado, please be sure to participate safely and respectfully to the communities around you.

Q: Are we allowed to have our own SAG wagons on our rides?

As long as you can do so safely and are adhering to local public health recommendations. Best practices from other Colorado events include wearing masks and gloves, and putting distance between passengers in the vehicle if they are not in the same family.

Q: Can we set up aid stations along our route?

Organized aid stations servicing a crowd are discouraged. However, we have heard some teams will have a car with one or two people wearing masks, gloves and keeping distance as they provide hydration and snacks for their friends and family participating in the Courage Classic weekend – this is great! Again, as long as public health recommendations are being followed, we encourage these creative ideas!

Setting your distance goal and connecting to Strava

How do I track my distance-based goal?

There is now a way to display and track your distance goal on the Courage Classic website, as well as to integrate Strava statistics to show more information about your activities. You can see examples just below! We also created a Courage Classic Strava Club, so you can share your activities with other Participants and track your progress on our club leaderboard. Watch a brief tuorial on how to connect your Courage Classic Participant Center to Strava.

If I add a distance goal and/or link my Strava stats into the Courage Classic site, where will they display?

When you set a distance goal it will impact both the thermometer in the lower section of the Participant Center, and a thermometer on your Personal Page. When you follow the steps to embed your Strava statistics, they also will appear on your personal page, as in the example below, which can also be viewed live here.

Participant Center Thermometer:

Personal Fundraising Page Distance Challenge Section:

Where can I add or change my distance goal?

Log in to your Participant Center and either click the "Add/Edit Distance Goal and Strava Link" option under the "My Progress" Quick Link, or you can edit it directly from the Distance Progress thermometer shown a bit lower on the Participant Center homepage. Submit the form as many times as you like to change your goal or edit your Strava information.

Can I only choose mile-based goals?

No, we currently list both miles and kilometers, as well as both feet and meters for vertical distance tracking. If there is a distance measurement you would like to add, please reach out to us with your request!

How will adding Strava help me with my distance goal?

Along with adding a visual representation of your activities and a weekly summary, it also provides distance information for each week and activity.  If you will complete your goal during one activity, it will help you confirm your distance progress number, so you can update it accurately on your Courage Classic account.  If your activity will take place over days or even weeks, you can use the Strava summary to add to your distance progress number each day or week while you work towards your goal!

What are the steps to embed my Strava stats?

There are step-by-step instructons on the setup form here.

How do I update my distance progress?

Log in to your Participant Center and either click the "Update Distance Progress" option under the "My Progress" Quick Link, or you can edit it directly from the Distance Progress thermometer shown a bit lower on the Participant Center homepage.

Will I see Courage Classic stats on my Strava account?

No, this is a tool to show your Strava activity on your Courage Classic personal page to help challenge yourself and inspire your donors. There is no impact to Strava's website.


Q: Where do I send a check donation?

Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation
Attn: Courage Classic
PO Box 5003
Denver, CO 80217-5003

Offline donation form
*Please include rider number on check

Q: What is a Fundraiser Honor Roll?

A section on a participant's fundraising page listing donations made on their behalf. The online donation form gives donors the option to choose whether or not they would like their name and/or the donation amount displayed.

Q. How do I know if my donation was processed?

You will see a confirmation page showing your Transaction Summary and you will receive a confirmation email.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. Donations to support Courage Classic riders are tax deductible. However, rider registrations are not eligible for tax-deductible receipts since goods and services are being received in return (food, aid stations, full tour support, t-shirt, rider expo, and much more).

Q: Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes. Eligible donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes. If you would like a receipt re-issued, please contact us at gphelp@childrenscoloradofoundation.org.

Q: How do I enter a donor's credit card information for them?

Make sure you are logged out, then click on “Donate” from the Courage Classic homepage. Search for your name and then fill out the donation form with their billing address, email address, and credit card information.

Q: Federal Tax ID #?


Facebook Fundraising

Q: Can I create a Facebook Fundraiser first and then connect it to my Courage Classic fundraising page?

No. You must create the Facebook Fundraiser through your Participant Center. Fundraisers created directly on Facebook will not link to your Courage Classic account. Watch a brief tuorial on how to connect your Courage Classic fundraising to Facebook.

Q: What information is synced between my Courage Classic fundraising page and my Facebook Fundraiser?

Donations will sync between the two sites. If you customize your Personal Page, fundraising goal, etc. in the Participant Center, these customizations will sync to your Facebook Fundraiser. This is a one-way sync, so updating information on the Facebook Fundraiser will not sync to your Participant Center. We suggest making all your customizations BEFORE creating your Facebook Fundraiser. Once your Facebook Fundraiser is created, it will not pick up any changes made afterwards in your Participant Center.

Q: My personal fundraising page lists "Facebook Fundraiser" instead of donor names for those that gave to my Facebook Fundraiser. How will I know who donated?

Gifts are listed on your donor honor roll as "Facebook Fundraiser" per Facebook's privacy policy. You can see who gave to you via your Facebook Fundraiser in the Recent Activity section in your Participant Center, or on your Facebook Fundraiser. Some donations may be listed on your Facebook Fundraiser as private donations because the donor did not opt-in to information sharing.

Q: I donated on Facebook. How can I get a receipt?

When you donate, you will receive an email from Facebook with a receipt to the email address associated with your Facebook account. Visit the Facebook Payment History page if you need to reprint that receipt. This receipt is all you need for tax purposes.

Q: I donated on Facebook, how do I get a refund if I accidentally donated in error or donated to the wrong amount?

Facebook Fundraising refunds are processed through Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation. Please reach out to us at gshelp@childrenscoloradofundation.org with refund requests or questions.

Q: I donated to my own fundraiser. Why is the “I Donated” badge not activated on my Courage Classic personal page.

We recommend self-donating through the Courage Classic website to activate the “I Donated” badge. The badge is not triggered to display on your fundraiser if you donate to your ride via Facebook Fundraising. Please reach out to us at courageclassic@childrenscoloradofoundation.org with questions.

Rider registration

Q: Are registration fees refundable?

No. Courage Classic registration fees are non-refundable. Even if you do not ride, you are welcome to pick up your rider goods at the tour or have them mailed to you for a small shipping fee. Contact us at courageclassic@childrenscoloradofoundation.org or 720-777-7499 with questions. If you do not ride, you are not responsible for collecting donations. If you have already collected donations, please mail them to:

Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation
Attn: Courage Classic
PO Box 5003
Denver, CO 80217-5003

Q: How do I change or reset my password?

Log in to My Account and click on the "My Profile" box. Click the link to "Change/Reset Password." If you have forgotten your password, you can request it on the My Account login page.

Q: How do I change my email address for Courage Classic updates?

Log in to My Account and click on the "My Profile" box. Click the link to "Edit Your Profile." If you have forgotten your password, you can request it on the My Account login page.

Q: How do I change a response on the registration form? I would like to select a new route/update my cell phone number/change my t-shirt size.

From the Participant Center homepage, click “My Registration Info” in the "My Tour Info" Quick Link (pictured below).

Participant Center

Q: How do I get to the Participant Center?

Log in to My Account and select the "2020 Courage Classic" box. If you have forgotten your password, you can request it on the My Account login page.

Q: How do I use the Participant Center?

You can use the top navigation bar to reach the main areas of the Participant Center, such as your personal fundraising page, your email center, and your progress information. But you can also use the Quick Links section to quickly navigate to the same areas and some other commonly-used tools. Just click the "+" symbol to explore your options for each area.

Some pages also have additional tools which are located on the "Related Actions" bar, as seen on the Progress report page pictured below:

Q: What about using the Participant Center on a phone or tablet?

The functionality is the same as on a desktop or laptop, but just be aware that the navigation is collapsed in the top right corner, so you should click the three blue bars to expand it, and the Related Actions sidebar is collapsed to the bottom of the screen. Here is an example of the Email Center page with the navigation expanded:

Q: Can I view my milestones and my historical information in the Participant Center?

Yes, scroll down toward the bottom of the Participant Center homepage, and you will see your badges and historical information.  Badges which have not yet been earned appear opaque.

Q: What is the difference between milestone badges and lifetime badges?

Milestone badges recognize current-year fundraising milestones and appear in your Participant Center homepage and on your personal fundraising page as soon as you raise a certain amount of money. Lifetime badges recognize fundraisers who have cumulatively raised $2,000 - $50,000+ prior to this year's tour. Lifetime badges also appear on your Personal Page so you can show off your hard work! Learn more about badges.

Creating a Fundraising Page in the Participant Center

Q: How do I edit my Personal Page?

On the Participant Center homepage, click “Fundraising” in the top navigation bar. Or, click "Edit Personal Page/Friendly Url" in the "Fundraising" Quick Links tile.

Q: Why is my Personal Page content the same as last year?

Our new website remembers any edits you saved on your Personal Page from last year’s event. If you’d like to switch to this year’s suggested content, you can download it for your page. Simply save the image and copy and paste the content. Feel free to enhance it with your own personal touches!

Q: How can I set up and use my Personal Page URL? (aka friendly URL)

A Personal Page URL is a link that is shorter and customizable. Most fundraisers use their first and last name as their URL link (Ex: http://support.childrenscoloradofoundation.org/goto/HannahB). We recommend you create a friendly URL for your Personal Page for easy sharing via email or social media.

You can create a friendly URL by clicking  “Fundraising” in the top navigation bar of the Participant Center. Or, click "Edit Personal Page/Friendly Url" in the "My Fundraising" Quick Links tile. From there, click on "URL Settings" next to "Personal Page URL."

Q: How do I add a photo to my Personal Page?

Click “Fundraising” in the top navigation bar of the Participant Center. Or, click "Edit Personal Page/Friendly Url" in the "My Fundraising" Quick Links tile. Next, click “Photos/Videos” in the "Related Actions" sidebar. Your picture cannot be more than 4,000 KB.

Q: Why won’t my picture upload?

Check the size of your picture. Your picture cannot be more than 4,000 KB.

Q: How can I add more than one photo to my Personal Page?

Currently, participants can only upload one photo. However, you can get creative with your photos and "stitch" them together into a collage using the free photo editing website PicMonkey.com.

Q: How do I add video to my Personal Page?

Click “Fundraising” in the top navigation bar of the Participant Center. Or, click "Edit Personal Page/Friendly Url" in the "My Fundraising" Quick Links tile. Next, click “Photos/Videos” in the "Related Actions" sidebar. To import a YouTube video, click "share" under the video and copy and paste the URL.

Q. I clicked “Preview” after editing my Personal Page, why can’t I see the preview?

The Personal Page preview opens in a new browser tab - click on the tab that is blinking.

You can also view your page at any time by clicking "Preview Personal Page" in the "My Fundraising" Quick Links tile on the Participant Center homepage.

Sending Emails from the Participant Center

Q. Why is it useful to send emails from the Participant Center?

Emails sent from the Participant Center give you two big advantages:

  1. The email will link straight to your personal page and make it easy for your friends and family to donate.
  2. The Participant Center has many tools to help you write a compelling email, track who you have emailed, see if they opened your email, check if they've donated, track if you sent them a reminder or a thank you email, and much more!

Q. How do I send emails from the Participant Center?

Once you are logged in to the Participant Center, start by clicking "Email" in the top navigation bar, or "Send Email" in the "My Email Center" Quick Link.  You will be guided through the steps of first choosing an email template, then customizing the suggested email message, then choosing the contacts you want to reach, then previewing your email and sending it.

Q. How do I import my email contacts?

On the Participant Center homepage, click "Import Contacts" in the "My Email Center" Quick Link and follow the import instructions.

Q. In the Email Center under “Set Recipients” how do I choose the recipients that my message will go to?

If you imported your contacts from an email provider such as Gmail, random contacts may be selected under your “available contacts” and the “recipient list.” In order to resolve this issue, click the box to the left of “name” to clear all selections. You can then individually re-select contacts you would like to include in the recipient list.

Q: Can I email particular groups, like people who haven't donated yet, or people I need to thank, or my teammates?

Yes, on the Participant Center homepage, click "View Contacts" in the "My Email Center" Quick Link. Then click "Groups."


Q: How do I know emails have been successfully sent?

Scroll to the bottom of the Participant Center homepage. Sent emails can be found under "Recent Activity."

Q: How do I see who has opened my email and if they made a donation?

The "Individuals" tab of the "View Contacts" area in the Email Center shows a list of all of your contacts, and also shows how many times you've emailed them, if they opened your email, clicked on your link to visit your page, or made a donation.  If they have made a donation, a small "Acknowledge Gift" hyperlinked icon will appear to give you a quick link to send a thank-you email to them.

Tracking My Progress in the Participant Center

Q: How can I change my fundraising goal?

On the Participant Center homepage, click "Update Goal" in the "My Progress" Quick Link. Your goal shows under all progress bars and can also be changed from there.  You may need to refresh after changing to see the new goal reflected in the progress bar.

Q: How do I view my personal donation list?

Click “Progress” in the Participant Center navigation bar. Your “Donation History" is located at the bottom of the page.


Q: How do I join a team or change teams?

If you have already registered and would like to join a team or change teams, you can do so from the Participant Center. On the home page, click “Change/Join Team” in the "My Team" Quick Link, as pictured below. Note that team captains do not have the option and should contact us for assistance at courageclassic@childrenscoloradofoundation.org if needing to dissolve or merge a team.

Q: How many people are required to be on a team?

Teams can be comprised of as few as two members and there is no maximum limit. If you are a team captain who recruits at least 5 new riders or if your team collectively raises at least $10,000, you (the team captain only) will earn a free registration for next year's tour!

Q: How much is a team required to raise?

Teams do not have a required fundraising total. If you would like to transfer a donation to a different rider, we are happy to do that. Please contact us at courageclassic@childrenscoloradofoundation.org.

Q: Can donors credit their donation to a team?

Donors are able to select a team to which their donation can be credited without having to choose an individual rider. Simply click the green "Donate Now" button on the top right corner of a team page to make a team donation. Team page donations are most commonly used when:

  • A donor or corporate sponsor would like their gift to benefit the team as a whole, rather than an individual rider

  • A donor would like to split their donation between multiple riders; donors should use the text box on the form to list the riders to whom the amounts should be credited

  • A team is promoting their ride (in the media, on their website, etc.) and can send donors to their team page rather than individual rider pages

  • A team is striving to hit the $50,000 fundraising minimum to designate their funds and needs general donations to the team rather than individual donations

Please note: whether or not your team has received team gifts, each individual rider will be required to meet their fundraising minimum in order to participate in the ride. Team totals will not count toward individual rider minimum donation amounts. We will not be able to transfer funds after July 12.

Please contact us at courageclassic@childrenscoloradofoundation.org with questions.

Q: How do I edit my Team Page and team name?

If you are the captain, click on "Edit Team Page/Friendly Url" in the "My Team" Quick Link.

To edit your team name, click “Edit” in the team options on the "Related Actions" sidebar.

Q: How do I edit my team goal?

Click “Team Progress Report/Goal”in the "My Team" Quick Link, then click "Team" on the right-hand side of the page. Click "change" located next to "Team goal."

Q: How do I email team members?

From the Participant Center homepage, click "View Contacts" in the "My Email Center" Quick Link. Then click "Groups."

Q: How do I view my team roster?

From the Participant Center homepage, click on “Team Roster” in the "My Team" Quick Link.

Q: How do I merge my team with another team?

We would be happy to assist you. Please contact us at courageclassic@childrenscoloradofoundation.org