3 fundraising tips we learned from sports movies



Ask, ask and ask again

Remember when Rudy finally fulfilled his dream of playing football for Notre Dame? He didn’t get there by sitting on the bench staying quiet. Don’t be afraid to ask people for donations. On average, it takes three asks to get a donation. Not because people don’t want to support you, but because life is busy, emails get lost and people forget.

Field of Dreams

If you build it, they will come

We’re not suggesting you build a baseball field - a fundraising page will suffice. Personalize your fundraising page with an image and a blurb about why you support Children’s Hospital Colorado. Understanding why you are passionate about Children’s Colorado makes donors more likely to give and share your enthusiasm for helping patients. Link to your fundraising page whenever possible.

To make sharing your page with friends and family easier, customize your URL with your name or nickname.

Cool Runnings

Find your own style

We can’t all be like the Swiss. There’s more than one way to push a bobsled and there's more than one way to raise money. It’s important to find a method you’re comfortable with to stay inspired and motivated. Check out 5 ways to ask for donations...

We leave you with a slice of positivity we learned from J.P. in Angels in the Outfield – It could happen! Don’t underestimate yourself. You have the ability to raise as much money as the person next to you.