Teambuilding and Fundraising Ideas

tandem bike

Attention!! Raffles are illegal unless you hold a raffle license
Games of chance are not legal in Colorado, unless they fall under certain exceptions – this is true even if the purpose of the game is to raise money for charity. As of January 2013, Children's Hospital Colorado no longer holds a raffle license. Please consider other games or ideas from the list below, to fundraise for your team.

Host a kick-off party
This is a fun way to rally your group around a fundraising goal, plan training rides and gain momentum for the event.

Plan a sponsored training ride
Schedule a few training rides with your team before the tour and make it a fundraiser by asking your favorite restaurant or hot spot to support your team. You can start and end your ride there, possibly get a discount for your team at that location and ask that a percentage of the restaurants proceeds from that day (or the amount your team spends) be donated back to the hospital in support of your team.

Host a sporting event
Almost any sporting event can be turned into a fundraiser. Bowling, kickball, basketball, golf, etc. Create an entry fee, include a baking/food sale, or simply ask for donations at the event. This way you can invite non-cyclist friends and family to participate in the fun that supports Children's Colorado and your Courage Classic team.

Throw a "bike to work day" lunch or party
A day already focused on cycling is a perfect opportunity to get your coworkers supporting your team. With approval from your supervisors you may be able to host a lunch or party to get everyone in the same room, learning about Children's Colorado Courage Classic. Hand out information on how they can donate to your team's ride or join your team! This year Bike to Work Day is May 15, 2015.

Dress down to work day
Many offices find it a treat to wear jeans to work and are happy to promote community fundraising. If approved by the office supervisors, ask your colleagues to donate a certain amount in exchange for a casual dress day. Donations can be collected by a designated collector and split between all members of your team.

Find team sponsors
One of the most successful ways some of our top team fundraisers have met their goals is by soliciting corporate sponsorships. For more information please see our policy and guidelines.

Host a celebration event at the tour
Many teams organize a casual happy hour at the tour. To make a reservation at one of Copper Mountain's bars or restaurants visit