We love our dedicated riders and fierce fundraisers! Check out the different badges you can earn.

Milestone badges

Shows your donors which Courage Classic fundraising milestones you have met so far this year, with an icon on your Personal Page.

I donated to my ride

  I've raised $500+

 I've raised $1,000+

 I've raised $2,000+

Rider Loyalty Clubs

Recognizes you for participating in five or more tours with an icon on your Personal Page.

Founders Club

Diamond Peloton

Platinum Pedalers

Golden Spoke

Silver Spoke

28+ tours

21+ tours

15-20 tours

10-14 tours

5-9 tours

Lifetime fundraising awards

Recognizes your cumulative fundraising amount, prior to the current year, with an icon on your Personal Page. Also, riders who have raised $2,000 or more cumulatively prior to 2019 will receive special merchandise in their rider bag at tour check-in!

Double Diamond Fundraiser

Diamond Fundraiser

Platinum Fundraiser

Gold Fundraiser

Silver Fundraiser






Jersey or Pullover + WeatherTec Half Zip

Jersey or Pullover + Hat

Jersey or Pullover + Water Bottle

Jersey or Pullover + Socks

Jersey or Pullover

2020 jersey preview coming soon!