Keep Kids Safe

Fun and safety go hand in hand

Keep your kids safe while they have a blast on their bikes by following these recommended guidelines for safety*:

  • All bicyclists should wear a properly fitted bicycle or multi-sport helmet that meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard.
  • Pediatricians emphasize that any helmet involved in a crash or otherwise damaged should be discarded and replaced. Otherwise, all helmets should be replaced at least every five years, or sooner if the manufacturer recommends it. Purchase of helmets from yard sales is discouraged because the age and integrity of the helmet cannot be assured.
  • Young children who ride as passengers must wear an appropriately sized helmet and be placed securely in a bicycle-mounted child seat or a bicycle-towed child trailer. Children should never ride on the handlebars or crossbar.
  • Be sure your trailer meets the ASTM F-1975-99 bicycle trailer standard (and is labeled that way).
  • A young passenger on an adult's bike makes the bike unstable and increases the braking time. A mishap at any speed, even during casual riding, could cause significant injury to the child. Many injuries to children in bike baby carriers occur when the bicycle falls over while standing still.
  • When taking your child in a trailer consider how bumpy the ride may be, and be aware of how much dirt, grit, moisture, and street dust may be flying into the face of your child. Check on your child frequently.
  • Parents and children should learn all essential aspects of bicycle safety. It is vital to exercise the rules of the road, sufficient visibility to drivers, and all other bicycle safety measures.

For anyone considering taking a child on a bike, consult your pediatrician first.

Following these guidelines decreases, but does not eliminate, the risk of injury.

*Refer to Colorado's Child Restraint Law for more information