Rules of the Road

Important safety guidelines for the Courage Classic

The Courage Classic is conducted on open roads with vehicular traffic. Roads include marked and unmarked hazards. Though we go to great lengths to make the ride as safe as possible, always remember that safety is in your own hands and ride by these rules:

  • Wear a helmet at all times – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Do not wear any type of headphones or ear buds – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Carry ID and relevant medical information
  • You are responsible for following the standard laws and duties of operating a vehicle on the road
  • Ride single file where necessary, maximum of two abreast when conditions allow, do not impede traffic
  • Ride as far right as reasonable
  • Obey all traffic lights, signs, and regulations
  • Pass on the left only and announce "passing" or "hello" or "on your left"
  • Use hand signals to indicate road hazards, stopping, slowing, right, and left turns
  • Prepare properly including nutrition, hydration, training, and sudden changes in weather conditions
  • Respect others: riders, volunteers, host communities, motorists, pedestrians, law enforcement, and the environment

Riding safely and considerately is vital for your enjoyment and the safety of other riders. The future of cycling events in Colorado depends on your cooperation with the rules above.

We reserve the right to close the course at any time due to weather or other emergencies.