Zack is riding in the Courage Classic to raise awareness


Zack Troop

Fourteen-year-old Zack was born with epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a rare genetic disorder that leaves the skin very fragile, making it prone to blisters and open sores. This is what makes Zack's plan to ride with his dad in this year’s Courage Classic so incredible and inspiring.

Any trauma or friction can cause these painful blisters and sores to break open, so the wounds require specialized dressings that do not stick to the skin.

Zack will be pedaling with The Gene Team to raise money for Children's Hospital Colorado and awareness for his condition. Children's Colorado offers the best care in the region for this disorder, so Zack and his family travel from his home in Utah to get the medical attention he needs.

His parents adopted Zack as a baby and have subsequently adopted three more children with EB, as well as three other girls, so they travel frequently to see the specialists in the EB Clinic.

Zack will be making that same trip again, but instead of the hospital being his final destination, he is determined to reach the finish line of the Courage Classic. He isn't sure how many miles he will pedal, but he says he is riding to show his younger brother and sisters that they can accomplish anything - including cycling in the Colorado mountains.

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