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We launched the Courage is… Campaign with a simple vision: To transform children’s health. Our progress to-date can be measured in leaps and bounds – all thanks to our philanthropic partners.

Thanks to donors like you, we broke ground on a new hospital that will open in Colorado Springs in 2018. We expanded services across a seven-state region to give more children access to world-class pediatric care. You helped us to develop a cutting-edge pediatric cancer drug that is saving lives, and you gave us the resources to open a center to develop lifesaving medical innovations. You made unprecedented investments into prevention programs that give kids a safe and healthy childhood. Thanks to you, we're revolutionizing pediatric health care in ways we only dreamed of yesterday. And there is still much to do.

Hope by the Numbers

Data represents July 2010 through Dec. 2016

Your Support in Action

  • Ways to give

    Thanks to you, we’re curing deadly brain tumors

    A $150,000 gift from the Morgan Adams Foundation seeded a proof-of-concept research project on pediatric brain tumors. Within a single year, Children’s Colorado leveraged early research findings to secure federally funded grants totaling more than $3 million. Today, we’re making progress in developing treatments for the most deadly pediatric brain tumors. Thanks to you, these kids have new hope.

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    Thanks to you, we are developing innovations that will save lives

    Innovation drives the future of child health. But it takes significant resources to transform an idea into a health care device that can transform lives. That’s where the Center for Innovation comes in. Children’s Colorado's Center for Innovation provides the resources for entrepreneurial caregivers to turn their concepts and “what ifs” into real-life pediatric health care innovations. Thanks to you, we have a dozen new patents pending for products and services that will heal and save children’s lives.

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    Thanks to you, kids with leukemia have a new way to fight cancer

    Dr. Lia Gore, Chief of the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Colorado, led a globe-spanning team of 20 hospitals to develop a new pediatric leukemia drug that has produced widespread remissions with minimal side effects. The drug targets acute lymphoblastic leukemia – the most common form of childhood cancer. This is the first new treatment option for childhood leukemia to be FDA-approved in more than a decade. And it never would have happened without you.

  • Ways to give

    Thanks to you, high-risk babies have a healthy future ahead

    Just five years ago, the Colorado Fetal Care Center at Children’s Colorado celebrated its first delivery. Since then, we’ve overseen more than 500 deliveries of high-risk babies and completed 200+ pioneering in-utero procedures, making our fetal surgery program one of the most sought-after in the nation. We treat the most complex fetal anomalies with some of the best success rates in the nation. Thanks to you, we’re able to perform life-saving interventions on the tiniest of patients, often before they’re born.

  • Ways to give

    Thanks to you, we’re confronting behavioral health issues

    Child suicide rates have surged, and kids are dealing with more psychiatric issues than ever. Recognizing this alarming trend, Children’s Colorado has expanded the first comprehensive pediatric mental health program in the region. Meanwhile, our Pediatric Mental Health Institute is engaging local school districts to offer more behavioral health resources and funding research initiatives to inform best practices – all while managing 42,000 mental health patient visits a year. Thanks to you, we’re leading transformative, systemic changes for kids in crisis.

  • Ways to give

    Thanks to you, art is medicine at Children’s Hospital Colorado

    Healing goes far beyond medical care. That’s why our Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Program uses the healing power of art, music, yoga and dance to help patients cope with pain and express themselves. Even though these programs aren’t reimbursed by traditional health insurance plans, you allow us to make these services available free-of-charge to every child who walks through our doors.

Change Makers

These generous donors are among the thousands who are making a difference through Courage is… The Campaign to Transform Children’s Health.

  • Endowed Chairs change lives

    Since the Campaign launched in 2010, donors have established 21 new Endowed Chairs at Children’s Colorado that are helping empower discovery and advance pediatric healthcare in extraordinary ways.

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  • Using data to find cures

    As parents and Courage is…Campaign co-chairs, Maureen and Barth Whitham know how vital Children’s Colorado is to our community. The Whithams recently made a significant investment to launch the Analytics Resource Center to enable Children’s Colorado to leverage data and analytics proactively to improve patient care, outcomes, and experience.

  • Pursuing new possibilities

    Through the Gates Frontiers Fund, Diane Gates Wallach and John Gates made a Campaign gift of $4 million to fuel pediatric medical breakthroughs. Their generous gift supports research in the developmental origins of health and disease, as well as bone marrow transplant therapy, allowing Children’s Colorado to pursue groundbreaking new treatments and cures for childhood illnesses.

  • Healing the pain

    In memory of their daughter, who battled severe headaches throughout her life, Dale and Cindy Francescon made a $2 million gift to establish an Endowed Chair in the Neuroscience Institute’s Headache Clinic. The gift will support the Headache Clinic’s outreach efforts and integrated approach to managing pain through yoga, nutrition, psychology and traditional medicine.

  • A visionary commitment

    A lifetime member of the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation Board of Trustees, Mrs. Bea Taplin’s visionary $5 million gift will further enhance access to care for our region’s children. Through greater virtual health capabilities and stronger community partnerships, Mrs. Taplin is helping to give hundreds of thousands of children unprecedented access to our renowned pediatric experts closer to home.

A Future Together

Our community and partners have come together in unprecedented ways to support the Courage is… Campaign, and the results have been extraordinary. Thank you for your support.

As we embark on the final two years of this historic Campaign, we invite you to help us write the next chapter of health and hope. We still need to raise $112 million to reach our goal of $400 million. With your continued support, we can only imagine the boundless possibilities the future holds. Together, we can reimagine pediatric medicine and transform children’s health.

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Voices of Courage

“You are adding to the building blocks of what is possible at Children’s Hospital Colorado. I believe that everything is possible for children at this place because of your support.”

– Dr. Robin Deterding, Director of Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Breathing Institute, Medical Director, Children's Colorado Center for Innovation, and Chairholder, Ed and Roxanne Fie Anderson Family Endowed Chair for Breathing

“When our daughter was fighting cancer, the Child Life Specialists were absolutely essential – not only for kids but for the parents, too. They helped us figure out how to talk to her and what to say that was age appropriate. They even helped her learn how to swallow pills.”

Joy Hansen, mother of Ellory, a childhood leukemia survivor

"Philanthropy is absolutely critical to our hospital’s mission. The Courage is… Campaign is enabling us to make huge leaps forward for children’s health. We simply couldn’t do what we do without our generous donors"

Jena Hausmann, President and CEO, Children’s Hospital Colorado

“Because of your support, Children’s Colorado is positioned to advance children’s health in ways we only dreamed of yesterday. One can only imagine the transformative changes that can be realized with our community’s continued support of this Campaign.”

– Steve Winesett, President and CEO, Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation

“Because of you, we are poised to accomplish some incredible breakthroughs in the coming years. We are at a unique point in the history of pediatric health care with incredible opportunities before us. All because of you.”

– Rick Stoddard, Chair of the Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation Board of Trustees

"Children's Hospital Colorado has been instrumental in forming me into the person I am today. That is why it is such an honor to give back to the hospital that has given me so much"

– Remi Kerr, a former patient whose family established an endowed chair in endocrinology

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