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Steve Winesett

By Steve Winesett, President & CEO of Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation

Thursday, Dec 22 2016
We can always respond to life’s interruptions with greater strength with someone beside us. At Children’s Hospital Colorado, our team knows this well.

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By Anissa Ibarra

Wednesday, Nov 30 2016
Anissa was born with a cleft lip, a condition in which the lip does not fully form before birth, leaving an opening that can affect speech, hearing and appearance. Anissa has undergone eight procedures at Children’s Colorado. Today, she’s helping other kids learn to accept themselves for who they are.

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Wednesday, Nov 16 2016
After her leukemia diagnosis, Ellory spent two and half years undergoing treatment at Children’s Hospital Colorado. She lost her hair three times and spent more days in the hospital than she can count. But with the help of a cancer-fighting army of caregivers equipped with the latest research and technology, Ellory’s leukemia is now in remission.

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By Christina King

Wednesday, Oct 12 2016
Many people think of the hospital as a scary place. But not 17-year-old Dominic. Born with cerebral palsy, the hospital feels like a second home to him.

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Jessa 2016 Courage Classic

By Erin Bodine

Wednesday, Sep 14 2016
So what does courage look like, when it’s clad in spandex, on two wheels and gearing up to reach the peak of yet another mountain pass? This. This is what courage looks like...

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