Be courageous, be yourself

By Connor Long

Tuesday, Jul 19 2016

Connor Long

Courage is having big goals and then focusing and working hard to achieve them.

Sometimes, it takes courage to do the challenging things I do. It takes courage to ride a bike hard and fast. To dive headfirst from the swim start stand. To reach for the next handhold high on the climbing wall. To hit the board, again and again, in taekwondo.

For many others, courage is facing a diagnosis, or in giving a diagnosis. 

Courage is trusting others to help you.

Courage is smiling during another blood draw and then waiting for results.

Courage is saying, “I will do my best to get you better.”

Courage is a parent kissing their child as they head off for a procedure.

Courage is the surgeon facing the first incision and again at the final stitch. 

Courage is more than getting back on your bike after you've had a scary or hurtful fall. It is finding and facing your fears along each twist and turn on the path.

Courage is being yourself, even when other people don't understand or respect you.

I ride in the Courage Classic each year to help Children's Hospital Colorado and the Anna and John J. Sie Center to help others. I ride to raise funds for important research into Down Syndrome that will not only possibly help me, but millions of others who show courage every day. 

Sometimes, it takes courage just to be myself.

So, be courageous. Be you!

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