I support Children’s Hospital Colorado because…

By Shen Nagel, MD – Pediatrics West, P.C.

Tuesday, Oct 3 2017

Med Staff Blog

I support Children’s Hospital Colorado because it is integral to the quality pediatric care we provide. The hospital and its team members and mission are woven into our community in unique and essential ways.

To me, Children’s Colorado is the place where a critically ill patient received the care needed in the only place that could provide it while the patient’s family sat by their bedside in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) for two weeks. A family who, in the end, felt Children’s Colorado saved their child’s life. It is where a family brings their child trusting that the hospital has the specialists needed to unwrap the mystery of their child’s illness. It is the place that a family thanks me for sending their child because “no one else could have figured it out.” It is a place where families can find support when they realize their child isn’t the only child in the world to have a specific illness or condition.

Children’s Colorado is the place where we primary care pediatricians turn to others for advice, for the answers we don’t have, and the levels of care that we can’t provide. It is a level of organizational knowledge and expertise that continues to grow as it invests in the Center for Innovation and in retaining and recruiting staff who are, or will be, leaders in their fields.

Children’s Colorado is where I, and many of us, trained. It was, and is, a place of professional growth and support. It continues to be a training environment for the next generation of pediatric care in Colorado. Its training programs for medical students and residents provide a level of experience and teaching that is only available in a few select centers around the country.

Children’s Colorado is a mission to serve all the children in Colorado, the seven state region and the world, including those who are underserved, uninsured or underinsured.

For all of these reasons, Children’s Colorado warrants our support. Its broad ongoing investments in our children, our community, our pediatric providers and pediatric care and education necessitate our support.

In the end, Children’s Colorado is so much more than all of that. It is a staff and emotional environment built entirely for, and geared entirely to, children and their families. This makes it a unique environment where even a sick child, and their worried family, can smile - And that is everything.

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