What Courage Means to Me

By Aloukika Patro

Thursday, Dec 28 2017


I am Aloukika Patro, and I am in 7th grade. I was born with caudal regression syndrome. This means I am missing a few discs at the end of my spine and my lower limbs are paralyzed. There are many complications due to my spinal deformity. I don’t know how it feels to walk, as I was born with this disability. But nothing stops me from doing the things I want to do.

When I was 8 years old, I suffered multiple urinary tract infections because of my condition. Then, due to the anomaly of my lower body, there was upward flow of urine into my kidneys, causing them to swell to a dangerous level. But a surgery by the best team of doctors at Children Hospital Colorado made me free of infections.

My life is so much better after the surgery. Ever since then, I do everything I want to do. My hobbies include making crafts, dancing in my wheelchair, cooking with my dad and acting. I participate in the Phamaly theatre company and feel very energetic.

I have a positive attitude towards life, and I never feel discouraged about myself. My father says I am his strength, my mom says I am her energy and my sister says I am her world. I feel so blessed for the way I am! Courage is all about accepting the challenges in life with enthusiasm.

I was so honored to be a 2017 patient ambassador for Children Hospital Colorado Foundation, because I wish to help other children with special needs. I wanted to spread a message that donors like you can make difference in lives of children like me.

Make a donation to Aloukika’s fundraising page.

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