Why I Climb

By Danyda Feldman

Tuesday, Jun 6 2017


I’ll be honest. I’m not an athlete.

I started walking every day because I wanted to be a bit fitter, but not with any great goals in mind. Last year, I found out about the Climb for Courage, a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital Colorado at the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Falcon Stadium. I was interested because I love children and was baffled that we don’t have a children’s hospital here in Colorado Springs.

I received the information about the Climb for Courage from my software company as a way to get our employees to participate in a fun activity. I set up the team, signed myself up, and sent out the invitation to everyone at our headquarters, thinking that this was a no-brainer. We have people who climb the incline every week and do 14ers for fun. I am not one of those people.

Unfortunately, no one else was available to do the actual climb. I was disappointed, but using my extreme talent for nagging, I got people to donate generously. Including a match from my company, I was the top individual fundraiser for 2016.

When I got to the stadium on race day, I realized that the course was going to be more challenging than I’d thought. I’ll admit, climbing up and down all the stairs somehow didn’t enter my mind. I got up and down about four flights when I was faced with the stark reality that I am not 20 years old any more.

I was truly ready to call it quits when I started talking to a young lady from another company. She had also stopped to rest and wasn’t sure she could manage the whole thing. We made an agreement to hold each other up through the course. We both finished in just over an hour!

I was very proud to complete the Climb for Courage but even prouder to support a new children’s hospital in Colorado Springs. I hope to see you there for this year’s Climb on June 24, 2017!


Thanks for sharing your story - see you on 6/24!
Posted by Amy on June 8, 2017

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