After I submit my event application form, how long is the approval process?
You will hear back regarding your application within 5 business days.


Can I use the Children’s Hospital Colorado logo to help promote my event or in marketing materials?
Yes. Once your event application is approved, you will receive online access to a set of fundraising tools which contains logos.
All event material containing our name or logo must be sent to a Foundation staff member for approval prior to printing or distribution. Logo use approval takes approximately two business days.

Can the Foundation provide publicity or contacts with the media?
Our staff is unable to provide media contacts or publicity for individual events to outside media sources. We recommend that you put together your own media plan. The event fundraising tool kit you will receive once your event is approved contains additional information about how to how to conduct a successful media campaign.


Can funds raised be used for expenses?
We recognize that some coordinators may need funds to run an event and pay reasonable expenses. However, the Foundation cannot fund or financially support community fundraisers. Coordinators are responsible for covering all expenses and will not be reimbursed by the Foundation or the hospital.

For these reasons, as you start to collect money you will want to keep some funds on hand to help pay your expenses. In your planning process, make sure to develop a budget reflecting the type of event you are having and the many costs related to the event.

After the fundraiser is complete, please send us one check payable to Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation within 60 days of your event, representing the net revenue of the fundraiser after your expenses have been paid in full.

Can I use the hospital's or Foundation's sales tax exemption number?
Unfortunately, sales tax laws do not allow event coordinators to use our tax exempt status for purchases.

Can someone from the hospital or Foundation attend or speak at my event?
Because of the large demand on clinical and support staff time, we can’t guarantee attendance of physicians, staff or volunteers at your fundraiser. For a list detailing what the Foundation staff can assist you with, read Foundation staff support.

Can I have a silent auction at my event to raise more funds?
Yes. However, the Foundation is unable to procure silent auction items for your event and cannot facilitate your auction. Once your auction is approved, you will receive additional information about how to hold a successful silent auction.

Can I have a raffle or drawing at my event to raise additional funds?
It is critical to note that Children's Hospital Colorado DOES NOT hold a raffle license as of January 2013 nor will we be able to obtain one. Any event benefiting Children's Hospital Colorado will NOT be able to hold a raffle without a qualified charitable organization which has a membership component that allows that organization (not Children’s) to apply for and get their own raffle license.  Your Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation event manager will be able to discuss other fundraising options and games that can be held legally under Colorado State Law. If you do hold a raffle without obtaining your own raffle license, you will be conducting an illegal raffle according to Colorado State Law and subject to review by Colorado Gaming Commission. If you do hold a raffle license, please provide current raffle license information (organization name, raffle manager name and license number) to your Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation Event Manager prior to holding a raffle.

Can the Foundation or hospital provide volunteers for my event?
We recommend you recruit volunteers for your event and suggest you reach out to friends, family and those in your community to volunteer. If you are unable to recruit the volunteer support you need, we may be able to assist in providing a few volunteers.

Does Children's Colorado or the Foundation provide event insurance?
Event manager agrees to obtain all required permits or licenses for the event. Because Children’s Colorado is the ultimate beneficiary of your event and has no direct involvement with running the fundraiser, we cannot provide event insurance. The event manager is responsible for obtaining event insurance and certificates of insurance


Who do I make checks payable to after the fundraiser?
Please make checks payable to Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation and mail within 30 days to:

Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation
attn: Special Events Team
13123 E. 16th Avenue, Box 045
Aurora, CO 80045

How do donors receive a charitable gift receipt from Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation?
Yes. The Foundation will issue receipts to substantiate donations made payable directly to Children’s Colorado tax purposes.
There are complex regulations around the distribution of charitable tax receipts and we are not allowed to delegate authority to issue receipts on the Foundation's behalf. This includes donations of money, in-kind items and services.


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