Members of Children's Circle of Hope


Anonymous (121)

Anonymous Donors from Special Events

18th Judicial District

1Hope for Cancer

7258 Wealth Management

777 Investment Corporation


Mr. David A. Rosow

Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Aal

Nancy Aaron

Drs. Ralph and Elizabeth Aarons

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Abate


Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Abdoo

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Abels

Mrs. Connie Abram

Mr. Russell W. Abram

Academy Endeavour Elementary

Academy International Elementary School

Adams Family Advised Fund of Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham

Mr. Jeff Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Adams

Ms. Nancy Adler


AF Energy, LLC

Mrs. Wendy Aglietti

Aliyah Inspired Moments Aim 2 Cure

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Allan

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Allen

Mr. James C. Allen

Ms. Karla Allen

Allstate Giving Campaign

Ms. Tanya Alpert

American Endowment Foundation

American Express Company

American Painting Specialists, Inc.


Amina Auto Repair

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Anderson

Ms. Elizabeth Andora and Mr. Christopher Nichols

Andrisen Morton

Mr. Craig Andrisen

Mr. Carter H. Andrus

Dr. Asad Ansari

Anthony's Pizza & Pasta

Apartment Investment Services Company, LLC

Dr. Susan D. Apkon

Apple Matching Gift Program

Ardelt Limited Liability Company

Mr. Adam Arents

Arlene Anne Eckert Revocable Living Trust

Jeff, Amy and Hannah Armstrong

Mr. and Ms. Jerrel Armstrong

Mr. Larry Askan

Aspen Distribution

Aspen Skiing Company

Ms. Susan Aspenson Murray and Mr. Dave Aspenson

Assured Equity Management

Mr. Barry Atkinson

Mrs. Darlene Atwood

Mr. Bobby Augst

Aurora Pediatric Dentistry Prof. LLC

Aurora Police Department

Autodesk Foundation

Ave Maria Catholic Church School

AXA Foundation

Mr. and Ms. Scott Axelrod

Ms. Karine Azatyan

BabiesNow! Foundation

Baere Brewing Company

Mr. and Mrs. John Balk

Mrs. Krystal Ballah

Dr. Jedidiah A. Ballard

Mr. Justin Ball

Bank of the West

Barbara and Company

Mrs. Geraldine S. Baron

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Baron

Barry E. and Linda A. Koritza Charitable Fund

Mr. John Bauknight

Mr. Geoff Baukol

Mrs. Heather Baukol

Ms. Sarah K. Bauman

Bayless Charitable Fund of The Denver Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bayless, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale H. Becker

Ms. Michelle L. Beck

Bellco Credit Union

Mr. and Mrs. Roger N. Bell

Benchmark Medical Group

Mr. Albert Bender

Mrs. Joyce Bender

Bennett Elementary PTSA Kids

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bergman

Marc and Karen Bernardi

Mr. David Bernhardt

Ms. Amy Bertelsen

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bickerton

BiggerPockets, Inc.


Mr. and Mrs. Ross Billows

Dr. Daniel and June Bills

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bitsoff

Black Forest Lutheran Church

Black Knight Financial Services

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Bliss

Body Contouring Concepts/Endermologie

The Bolt Family

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bommarito

Mrs. Mary Bommarito

Booster LLC

Mrs. Genevieve Borbas

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Borbas

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy J. Bott

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bovarnick

Mr. Bruce M. Bowen

Mr. Michael P. Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Box

Brackets for Good

Mr. Finland H. Bradford

Mr. and Mrs. Tully Bragg

Mr. Robert Breazeale

Bridge Financial Group, LLC

Mr. Preston Briggs

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bright

Brilliance Awards

Mr. Dexter M. Brinker

The Broadmoor Hotel, Inc.


Melissa Brooks Peterson, M.D.

Dr. Amy Brooks-Kayal and Mr. Shuvashis R. Kayal

Mr. Don Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brown

Mr. Paul Brown

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck

Mr. Kevin Brzeczek

Dr. Bucklin and Dr. Klein

Mr. Michael P. Burke, Esq.

Mrs. Stephanie S. Burk

Ms. Janice Burtis

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Burwell

Jay and Bonnie Busch, Inc

Ms. Lorraine A. Buss

Mr. Todd Butterfields Ice Cream

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Byars

C Gary & Virginia Gerst Foundation

Mr. Kevin Callahan

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Callahan

Mr. Trevor Cannon

Capstone Medical

Kirstin D Carel, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Carr

Mr. Harry Carr

Ms. Cathy Carruth

Mr. Clint Carter

Mr. Kelton Carter

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Case

Mr. Mike Case

Mrs. Wendy Caspari

Mr. John A. Casper

Caulkins Family Foundation

CB Concrete, Inc.

CeFO. Inc

Mrs. Nancy and Dr. Frank Chang

Dr. Kevin Chapman

Charles Schwab


Mr. and Mrs. Raul R. Chavez

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Klebe

Mr. Simon Chen

Cherry Creek Pediatric Dentistry Prof., LLC

Chevron Matching Employee Funds

Cheyenne Mountain Resort

CHI Colorado Foundation

The Chicago Community Trust

Chinook Trail Elementary

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Christensen

Ms. Andrea G. Christensen

Mr. Logan Christensen

City of Glendale

Mrs. V. Ruth Clark

Classic Homes

Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. Coburn

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Coburn

Drs. Goldie and Joel Cohen

Mr. Michael Cohenour

Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Cohen

Mrs. Glen Coit

Mr. Mark Coleman

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Colen

Mr. Dennis Collins

Ms. Kristin Collins

Mr. Stephen Collins

The Color Run, LLC

Colorado Renaissance Festival

Colorado Sewer Service, Inc.

Colorado State Aerie Fraternal Order of Eagles

Coloradocrete, Inc

Comcast Corporation

Comedy Works

Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham


Mrs. Miriam Conant

Dr. Cheri Conner and Mr. Matthew Conner

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Conrad, Jr.

Considine Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Considine

Mr. Dennis L. Coombs

Dr. Ellen Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Coors

Copper Mountain, Inc.

Cosmetic Dentistry of Colorado

Lt. Col. Raymond P. Costello, Ret.

Patricia A. Coughlin, M.D.

Mr. Weston Cowden

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Crawley

Mrs. Tami T. Crosson

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Croxen

CU Plastic Surgery

Ms. Barbara H. Currie

Paula S. Curtin

Ms. Allison Cusick

Custom Interior Trim Corporation

D.A. Davidson & Co.

D.L. Adams Associates, Inc.

Mrs. Suzanne Da Cruz and Eduardo M. Da Cruz, M.D.

Dr. Harold I. Daily, M.D.

Mr. Mike Dalton

R. Clifton D'Amato and Catherine N. D'Amato

Mr. and Mrs. Doyle D. Danford

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Daniel

Ms. Madison Daniel

Mrs. Katherine H. Daniels

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Davis

Jennie and Rob Dawe

Mr. Don Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. G. Mark Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Deemer

Ms. Dena DeJoy

Mr. Dale L. DeLeo

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Delong

The Denison Family Foundation

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Denver Oilmens Club

Mrs. Dara Deshe Segal

Ms. Joy Devins

DiBiase Family Fund of Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust

Mrs. Linda W. Diefendorf

Ms. Hannah N. Dillon and Mr. Adam Furman

Mr. Jim DiRienzo and Ms. Flora DiRienzo

Diversified Consultants, Inc.

Ms. Michelle Dobbins

May and Andrew Dodds

Dodge Family Charitable Fund with The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Ms. Debbie Donaldson

Mr. and Mrs. David N. Donar

Edna M. Donar

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Dorkin

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Dorsch

Marilee Neff Doud and Ben R. Doud

Mr. and Mrs. Erik Douglas

Mr. Frank Douglas

Ms. Hunter Douglas

Ms. Kathleen Douglas

Dovetail Solutions, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David Downing

Dr. Schar USA, Inc.

Mr. Joe Drew

Mr. Joseph Dulaney

Mrs. Theressa Dulaney

Mrs. Jan Duncan

Mr. Kevin Durban

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dydyn

Ms. Deanna M. Dykema, NNP-BC

Ms. Cindy Eastridge

Mrs. Arlene Eckert

Ed Tomlinson Real Estate

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Eder

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Edstrom

Dr. David Edwards

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Eilert

Mrs. Catherine Eklund

Mr. Peter Eklund

Elaine and Sam Bright Charitable Giving Fund of Fidelity Charitable

Gene and Neddie Mae Elkus Family Foundation

Mr. Adam Elkus

Ms. Callie Elkus

Cooper Elkus

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Elkus

Hudson Elkus

Ms. Marley Elkus

Embassy Suites Hotel

Mr. Rex C. Emery

Employers Resources of Colorado, Inc.

EnCana Oil and Gas USA, Inc.

Ms. Jennifer Engel

Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Engler

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd L. English

Ms. Linda Enstrom

Enstrom Candies

Ms. Seanin M. Erickson

ERO Resources Corp.

Mr. Danny Espino

Ms. Lisa Esslinger

Ruth A. Evans, NNP-BC

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Evers

Express Scripts

Fairmount Heritage Place

Faith Bible Chapel International Boy Scout Troop 999

Mr. Steve Faulk and Dr. Debra J. Faulk

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fay

Mr. Stephen Feiman

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffry A. Felder

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Fellows

Mr. Brad Fentress

Mr. Ross Ferrin

Ms. Sharon Fetherman

Fidelity Investments

Dr. David Fleischer and Mrs. Veronica Figoli-Fleischer

Todd and Lindsay Filsinger

Financial Designs, Ltd.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Finn

Mr. Marco Fioritio

Firepump Sales and Services, Inc.

First Western Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fischer

Mrs. Rachael Fischer

Harmes C. Fishback Foundation

Mr. Tom Flanery

Mr. Jeffrey Flaum

Ms. Veronica Figoli and Mr. David Fleischer

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fleischman

Annie and Michael Foonberg

Forest City Stapleton, Inc.

Mr. William Foulkes, II

Foundation for the Carolinas

Ms. Barbara J. Francisco

Mr. Victor Frandsen

Mrs. Georgina M. Franiok

Franklin Court Partners

Mr. Andrew Franks

John and Sandy Fraser

Fraternal Order of Eagles #3241

Fraternal Order of Eagles, #3493

Mr. and Mrs. Dan D. Freeberg

Mr. and Mrs. Heiko Freitag

Drs. Jason A. and Brooke M. French

Mr. and Mrs. David Frieder

Michelle and David Friedman

Mr. and Mrs. Zach Frisch

Jason Fritch


From the Red Tees

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Froning

Frost Creek Golf

Dr. Peter G. Fuhr and Ms. Deeann M. Rivera

The L.C. Fulenwider Family

Ms. Allison J. Neckers and Mr. Doug P. Fulton

Furniture Row Racing

Mr. Jacob Fuson

Ms. Valerie Fuson

Dr. Theodore Gaensbauer

Mr. John Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Denny F. Galluzzo, Jr.

Mrs. Lynne Garbose

Mr. Daniel Garcia

Sumeet and Molly Garg

Mr. Gary Garon

Mrs. Ann C. Garstang

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Garvey

Mr. Carter Gates

Mr. and Mrs. Roy G. Gelbhaus

Mr. and Mrs. Wolf J. Gensch

Geophysical Pursuit, Inc.

Gaia Georgopoulos, MD and Ron Hoffman

Mr. Kevin Getz

Giambrocco & Sons, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Gifford

Mr. Alexander Giguere

Mrs. Sonja Giguere

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaufmann

Ms. Shelley L. Gill

Jim and Susan Giuliano


Mr. Julius Glode

Jens Goebel, M.D.

Golas Family Donor Advised Fund

The Golden Bear

Mr. Jayson Goldinger

Mark Goldman

Mr. Darin Goldy

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Good

Mr. Alan Goodman

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Goodstein

Ms. Mona S. Goodwin

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Goold

Graland Country Day School

Grand Lodge of Colorado

Mr. and Mrs. David Grant

Ms. Margaret Green

Ms. Carol Greimann

Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Griese

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Humphrey

Mr. Sean Grogan

Guaranty Bank

Mrs. Marcella Guarino

Ms. Jennifer A. Knowles and Dr. Patrick J. Guffey

Guild Mortgage

Mr. Yaakov Gurzhiev and Ms. Karine Azatyan

Mr. Luis Gutierrez

Mr. Timothy S. Haas

Mr. Scott Hairston

Mr. Darrin Hall

Dr. Neal Halsey

Rick and Mary Jo Hamilton

Mr. Mac Hampden

Dr. and Mrs. Todd C. Hakinson

Mr. Brit Probst and Ms. Linda L. Hanselman

Ms. Stephanie M. Hanson

Ms. Roberta I. Harbison

Mr. Rob Harding

Larry and Michelle Harmsen

Mr. Alfred Harrell

Harris Ventures, Inc. DBA Staff Zone

Harrison High School Activity Account

Harry's Roamers Motorcycle Club Inc.

Ms. Victoria Hartman

Harweb Foundation

Mr. Riki Hashimoto

Mr. William Hauschildt

Haven Tile Company

Ms. and Mr. Jackie Hawkey

Daniel M. Hayes

Dr. and Mrs. David J. Hayutin

HBC Event Services

Ms. Barbara Hedges

Mr. Scott Hedges

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Heersink

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Heffner

Lucky Heggs

Mr. David Hellene

Mr. James E. Henkel

Ms. Michele Henry

Mr. Kirk Hermann

Mr. and Mrs. Ruben D. Hernandez

Ms. Valerie M. Hernandez

Ms. Julie Herzog and Mr. Darryl Swagar

High Street Concerts

James F. Hild

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hill

Ms. Carol Himmel-Gibson

HKS, Inc.

Mr. Ron Hoffman and Dr. Gaia Georgopoulos

Mrs. Patty A. Hoinville

Holland & Hart LLP

Mr. Zachary Holland

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Holt

Mrs. Lisa M. Hoogendoorn-Daniel

Hope Montessori Academy

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Hopkins, III

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hopkins

Mr. Jeff E. Hottle

Grace H. Houser, M.D.

Mr. Jack Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Hudelson

Hudson and Grove LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Hudson

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hughes

Dr. Jeffrey Huisingh

Ms. Dianne M. Fishwild and Mr. Frederic M. Hulett III

Ms. Charis Denison and Mr. Scott Hummel

Mrs. Susie Grimler-Humphrey and Mr. Chris L. Humphrey

Hunter Douglas

Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Hurtt

Mr. Todd Huser

Ms. Clea Huston

Mr. and Mrs. John Hutchins

Mr.* and Mrs. James Hynes

Ms. Ana Iacovetta

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Ihme

Richard Ing, MD

Interior Contractors Inc.

Ms. Charlotte W. Isoline

Ms. Dana C. Isoline

Brad K. Jackson, Ph.D.

Mr. Thomas Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Jacques

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. James

Joanne S. Janas, M.D.

Mrs. Pamela M. Janco

Janet Kossman Fund of Schwab Charitable

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Jann

Janssen Biotech, Inc

Mr. Neal B. Anderson and Ms. Patty Jennings

Mr. Mark L. Jennison

Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.

Johnson Controls Charity Trust Account

Amy Johnson

Mr. Cy Johnson

Dr. Alison S. Brent and Mr. Doug Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery L. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. Johnson

Mrs. Stacy Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Toby R. Johnson

Mr. Tom Jones

Ms. Kim Katzenbach-Jones and Mr. William Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Jordan, Jr.

JP Morgan Chase Foundation


Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kahl

Mr. Michael Kahn

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kanouff

Ms. Andrea Karp

Mr. Peter Karpinski and Ms. Mettet Karpinski

Mr. Jerome J. Kashinski and Ms. Mary McBride

Katzenbach Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Jones

Dr. Carol Kauffman

Dr. and Mrs. David Kaufman

Ms. Jen Gilbert-Kaufmann and Mr. Robert Kaufmann, Esq.

Mrs. Kirsten Keating

Mr. William J. Keller

Amie Knox and Jim Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. John Kelley

Ms. Shannon Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Kennealey

Keysight Technologies

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Kiesel


Drs. Robert and Susan Kiley

Mr. Bosun Kim

Ms. Eunice Kim

Ms. Kristen L. Kinard and Mr. Dennis L. Coombs

Kelli R. Kindel

Mr. Lance Klassen

Ms. Cathie R. Klava

Mr. Gary A. Kleiman and Ms. Elisa Moran

Kleiman-Moran Charitable Fund of the JEWISHcolorado

Mrs. Amy Kline

Ms. Beverly Knipp-Konik

Christian J. Knollenberg*

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Knollenberg

Ms. Jennifer A. Knowles and Mr. Patrick J. Guffey

Mr. James P. Kelley and Ms. Amie C. Knox

Mr. Scott Knudsen

Mrs. Jessica Knupp

Mr. and Mrs. James Koch

Kohl's Department Stores

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Komppa

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Konrad

Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Koritza

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Kossman

Debbie and Duane Kostelecky


Mr. Marc Kramer

Mr. Josh Kredit-Phelps

Mr. Robert A. Kritt


Drs. Richard and Mary Krugman

Mr. and Mrs. Garry L. Kubat

Mrs. Patricia H. Kuehl

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Kufeldt

Dr. Carina Pener Kugelmas and Dr. Marcelo Kugelmas

Kullgren Family Charitable Trust

Dr. and Mrs. Terrence Kunkel

Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Kurzman

Lakeland Foundation

Gretchen and Ken Lamb

Mr. Steven J. Lambrecht

Mr. Raymond Landrum

Larimer Associates, LLC

Larry Strear Irrevocable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Chetter T. Latcham

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Lavan

David Lawrence Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Lawrence, Jr.

Lee and Jim Vann Fund of Foundation for the Carolinas

Lee and Kiera Zink Charitable Fund of Fidelity Charitable

Leslie and Jeannette Lee

LEGO Community Fund US

Mr. Jeffrey D. Leiser

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Leja

Thomas J. Lemieux

Thomas E. Lemons Foundation

Nolan Lenz

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Lepetsos

Mr. Andrew L. Leskinen

Mr. Dan Letter

Mr. Jay Levinson

Ms. Lynn Lies

Mr. David P. Lindsey, Sr.

Link Snacks, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Liptzin

Mr. and Mrs. David Lisa

Live Nation Worldwide, Inc.

LLB Corporation

James J. LoCoco

Mr. Layne Lohmeier

Dawn and Mike Lombardi

Mr. Carl J. Long and Ms. Joanna Shear

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Long

Mr. Ken Lubin

Ms. Michelle Lucero

Mr. Justin Lukasavige

Mr. Jeffrey Lunceford

Liz Lynner and James Palenchar

Lynx Customs Ltd.

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Lyons

Ms. Joanne Lyons

Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. MacKenzie

Mr. Jose Madera

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Majcher

Mr. George J. Maloof

Mr. Richard Mandell

Mr. Matthew L. Mann

Mr. John C. Marold

Michael and Myra Marranzino

Ms. Teresa Marra

Marrick Medical Finance LLC

Marrs, Sevier & Company LLC

Mr. Dan Marschall

Mr. Scott Marshall

Francis M. Martelli

Mrs. Amy Martin

Mr. John Martin

Ms. Estrellita Martinez

Mr. Jeff Martin

Mr. Robert N. Martin

Drs. Roy and W. Kathryn Martin

MassMutual Trust Company Charitable Giving Program

Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Masters

Ms. Joanne P. Mathisen, C.P.A.

Ms. Tamara Mattison and Mr. Mark Floyd

Freda Maytag-Grace Crawford Trust

John P. McBride Family and the ABC Foundation

Conor McCallin

Mr. and Mrs. Larry McCants

Mr. and Mrs.* Joseph P. McConnell

Ronald A. McDaniel, P.E.

Mr. Billy McDivitt

Mr. and Mrs. Joe McEahern

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. McFadden

Elizabeth J. McFarland, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul McGill

Mr. Joel McGlynn

McKesson Foundation, Inc.

McKinstry Charitable Foundation

Mrs. Sharon McMeel

Mr. and Mrs.  Ryan Meardon

The Jim and Louise Meiman Charitable Gift Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Meiman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meininger

Ms. Catherine L. Melara

Mr. and Mrs. William Mell

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Melville

Dr. Matthew M. Mendez

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Menke, Jr.

Ms. Annita Menogan and Mr. David Greene

Mrs. Gerald B. Merenstein

Ms. Ilana Steinberg and Mr. Ray Merenstein

Mesa Co. Valley School Dist. #51

Dr. Kevin B. Messacar, M.D.

Dr. Ricka D. Messer, M.D.

Metier Law Firm, LLC

Metro Express Car Wash

MGM Resorts International - Delano Las Vegas

Michael Janzen Agency Inc.

Ms. Linda Michael

Midlands Mechanical, Inc.

Mile High Harley-Davidson LLC

Mile High on the Cheap, LLC

Miles & Carol King Charity Fund of MassMutual Trust Company Charitable Giving Program

Ms. Jennifer Miller

Mrs. Casey A. Miner

Mr. and Mrs. Lenn A. Moldenhauer

Mr. and Mrs. P W. Molloy

Monarch Investment & Management Group

Mrs. Maria Monroe

Mrs. Monique Monson

Mr. Terry Mooney

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Mr. John C. Moore

Mr. Timothy M. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Moore, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Moran, Jr.

Mrs. Mary Morissette

N M Morris Family Foundation, Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar C. Morrison, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Mortell

Mr. and Mrs. David Morton

Jaylen Mosquiera

Motorola Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Moulton

Mountain Chalet-Aspen

Mountain Shades/Optic Nerve

Mountain View Elementary

Mountain West Credit Union Association

Mr. and Mrs. William Mowle

Mr. and Mrs. John Muhr

Mrs. Mary Ann Muniz

Mrs. Christine Murphy

Mrs. Kathy Murray

Mr. Robert Murray

Mr. and Mrs. Srinivasa Murthy

Musolf Dental Center

Ms. Jan Myers

Mr. James H. Nadorff

Ms. Tara Nalty

Mr. Benny E. Nasser

National Christian Foundation Indiana

Werner Family Foundation-Bev Werner Needham and Scott Needham

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Needham

Nestle Purina PetCare Company

Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. Newman

Mr. Matthew L. Newport

Mr. Bob Nicolls

Ms. Kathy Nicolls

Nieto Oil Field Service, LLC

Mr. Jose A. Nieto

Mrs. Virginia Niles

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Noe

Ms. Erin Nolan


Norgren Family Fund

Loretta and Leigh Norgren Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Norgren

Ms. Sandy Norman

Northern Trust Corporation

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Dr. Douglas K. Novins and Ms. Andrea Novins-Montague

Dr. and Mrs. Matt Nowland

Nutricia North America, Inc.

Mr. Richard Oakes

Mrs. Michele Oberle

O'Fallon's, Inc.

Mrs. Penny Oliver

Mr. Eric Olsen

Mr. Thomas Olson

Orton Family Gifting Fund of Fidelity Charitable

Mr. and Mrs. David Orton

Theresa and Matt Osminer

O'Sullivan Law Firm, P.C Office Account

Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood B. Owens III

Owlet Baby Care

The Oxford Hotel

Ms. Sara Palacios and Mr. Nicholas Taylor

Ms. Lori A. Palazzolo

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Palenchar

Celeste and Peter Palermo

Michele Wallendal, MD and Spyridon Papadopoulos, MD

Paragon Marketing Group, LLC

Dr. Julie A. Parsons and Mr. Frank E. Nowell

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pashel

Paul and Kathleen Edstrom Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable

Michelle and Michael Payne

Tiffany K. Payne

PayPal Charitable Giving Fund

Dr. David Peak and Dr. Charity Peak

Ms. Samantha Pearson

Ms. Remi Peck and Mr. Larry Peck

Ms. Jessika Pennebaker

Ms. Diane Pennington*

Mrs. Aimee Perkins

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Perlongo

Pershing LLC

Mr. and Ms. Matthew Peters

Mr. Mark Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Peterson

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program

PGN Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Phelps

Philadelphia Insurance Companies

PICOR Commercial Real Estate Services

Dr. Wendy Y. Pierce and Mr. Aaron Pierce

Ms. Michele Pietras

Pikes Peak United Way

Pledgeling Foundation

PMT Corporation

Mr. Robert Poliseno

Porter Enterprises Inc

Mrs. Emele K. Porter and Mr. Adam Porter

Poskus, Caton & Klein, P.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Poupore

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Powell

Ms. Edith Powers

Mr. Howard Prager

Precise Nutrition International, Inc.

Preservation Products, Inc

Primrose School at Lowry

Primrose School at Reunion

Primrose School of Thornton

Ms. Linda L. Hanselman and Mr. Brit K. Probst

Dr. Lori Prok and Mr. Dean Prok

Qualcomm Matching Gift Program

Mr. Paul Rabaut

Dr. and Mrs. Gary M. Radz

Ms. Nora E. Radz and Dr. Gary Radz

Laurel S. Raines

Mr. Bala Rajappan

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rapp

Mr. Phillip Rarey

Mr. Joe Ratkiewicz

Elisabeth Ravazzolo

Raytheon Company

RBG, Inc.

Mr. John F. Recicar

Recordati Rare Diseases Inc.

Mrs. Judith Reddig

Tristan C Regini

Ms. Elizabeth Reish

Mr. and Mrs. James Renshaw

Revenue Enterprises, LLC

Mr. Matthew T. Riazzi

Richard Rogers Fund of Schwab Charitable

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Richardson

Ms. Anne Rickenbaugh and Mr. Tom Verry

Mr. Jarrod Ridnour

The Rifkin Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Rifkin

Mr. Jeff Riggs

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rimer

Deeann M. Rivera

Frank Robar

Mr. Andy Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Roberts

Mr. Kenneth Roberts

Mr. Phillip Roberts

Mr. Richard Roberts

Mr. Tyrone J. Rocque

Mr. Victor Rodriguez

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Rogers

Mr. Richard Rogers

Mr. Russell Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan J. Roll

Mr. Chuck Romanick

Mrs. Tanny Romanick

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern Colorado

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Rondinelli

Rory's Stupid Cancer Fund

Mrs. Katherine Ross

Mr. Steven Rothsythchn

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Routzon

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Rowlands

Dr. Charles Rutherford

Mrs. Amy Ryan

Carol and John Saeman

Mrs. Kathy Safer

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Safer

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Sahling

Sampson Family Foundation

Sanctuary Golf Course

Mrs. Sarah Sandberg

Sarah McConnell Fund of The Denver Foundation

Ms. Linda R. Schaal

Mrs. Christine Schaefer

Mr. Jeff Schaefer

Leslie R. Schaeffer

Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Schaffer

Mr. and Mrs. Jared Scharton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Scherlong

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Schiff

Ms. Caryl Schlothauer

Schneider Family Foundation of the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Schneider

Ms. Sandra Schnitzer

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union

Mr. Kyle Schrader

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schuham

Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Schuster, Jr.

Mrs. Cassandra Schwartz

Ms. Miriam Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Reed Scott

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Scott

Mr. John D. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Erik Seaver

Mr. Zachery Segal

Sei Giving Fund

Mr. Scot Sellers

Mr. Benjamin Severson

Mr. Thomas Shane

Ms. Elizabeth A. Sharrer and Mr. Zane H. Tuta

Charles H and Beverly E Shaw Foundation

Anthony Shaw, M.D.

Mrs. Iris Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Shaw

Mr. Robert K. Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Shaw

Mr. Carl J. Long and Mrs. Joanna Shear

Ms. Joanne Sheehan

Mr. John Sheesley

Eric Shepard

Janet B. Sheridan

Sherman & Howard LLC

Ms. Sandra Siems-Fraser and Mr. John S. Fraser

Signorelli Enterprises, Inc.

Ms. Patricia Simpson

Mr. David Skilling

Sky Pointe 2, Corp.

Sky Zone Arvada

Drs. John and Celia Sladek

Slaton Bros., Inc.

SME Entertainment

Mr. Ben Smith

Mr. Charles Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Merritt E. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Smith

Mrs. Connie Brakken-Smith and Mr. Rodney L. Smith

Mr. Toby J. Solis

Mr. Eric A. Sommers

Sons of the American Legion

Ms. Hilary Sontag

Southwest Society of Pediatric Dentistry

Mr. Jon Spadafora

Mrs. Sandi Spadafora

Ms. Sandy Spano

Kurt and Rebecca Spears

Spencer Fane, LLP

Mrs. Sarah Spencer-Workman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Sperber

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Spinden, Jr.

The Sports Massage Team LLC

Sprinkle & Assoc.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Srsich

St. John Interiors

Mrs. Katharine H. Stapleton

Jenna and Walker Stapleton

Mr. M. Patrick Steadman

Mr. Peter Steadman

Ms. Ilana B. Steinberg and Mr. Ray D. Merenstein

Mr. Thomas R. Stephens

Matthew T. Stevenson Trust

Mr. Andrew Stiff

Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Stisser

Ms. Ali Abromovitz and Mr. Trip Stoddard

Mr. Ryan Stoll

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Strain

Mr. Evan Stratton

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Strickland

Mr. Michael Struthers

Sugar Bakeshop

Mrs. Pamela Sugden

Lindsey and Michael Suggs

Summit County Ambulance

Susser Family Foundation

Polly S. Swartzfager

Sweet/Polak Charitable Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd F. Sweet, Jr.

Mr. Doug Swenson

Judit M. Szolnoki, M.D.

Mr. Steve Talley

Nicole Tartaglia, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Taylor

Mr. Richard M. Taylor

Mr. Alternative Telecom Solutions

The Academy

The Crawford Hotel

The Jim Gill Foundation

The Little Nell

The Richard and Martha Schuham Fund

Thermal and Moisture Protection Associates

Paul M. Thoen and Kaylee Thoen

Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas, III

Mrs. Kristin Thomas

Mr. Brett Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Thompson

Mr. Tucker Thoreson

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Thorsen

Mr. and Mrs. James Tiampo

Timberline Oil Tools LLC

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Tobin

Dr. and Mrs. James K. Todd

Mr. Ed Tomlinson

Trace3, LLC

Morris & Sylvia Trachten Family Foundation

Traeger Grills

Ms. Donna M. Trentel

Mrs. Janie Trevor

The True Foundation

True West Productions

Truecos Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Diemer D. True

Mr. and Mrs. Hank True

Mr. Adam Truitt

Trukenbrod Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Turiel

Mr. Zach Turpin

Mr. Zane H. Tuta and Ms. Elizabeth A. Sharrer

Niki F. Tuttle

Twist and Shout

John L. "Tim" Tyler

Dr. and Mrs. Leo Tynan

U.S. Taekwondo Center Briargate

Mr. Thomas Ulreich

Mr. Howard Unger

United Airlines

UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation

University of Colorado Denver Chancellor's Office

US Air Force

Mr. Anton Usaj

F. Lois Valenti

Valley of the Sun United Way

Mr. and Mrs. Dexter J. Van Ark

John Van Gulik

Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Van Loozenoord

Ms. Joan K. Van Loozenoord

Van Vleet Foundation

Ms. Judy Van Vleet Mills

Mr. Lawrence Van Vleet

Mr. Wayne Van Vleet

Mr. Jim Vann

Mr. Lee Vann

Vantiv Services Company

Verbier Management Charitable Fund of Fidelity Charitable

Vericlaim, Inc.

Mr. Isaiah Abram and Ms. Stephanie Vermillion

Mr. and Mrs. Duane G. Vikman

VISA Givingstation

Ms. Laurel S. Raines and Mr. William P. Vitek

Mr. and Mrs. James Volker

Mr. Theodore D. Vrehas

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wagner

Dr. Roberta Waldbaum and Mr. Leonard N. Waldbaum

Mrs. Christine Walker

Mr. Eddie Walker

Drs. Brett and Jennifer Wallen

Pediatrics at DTC

Ms. Sandee J. Walling

Mrs. April Walters

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Walton

Mr. Douglas M. Ward

Wendy and Steve Warnecke

Mr. Presley Warner

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Wasmundt

Mr. and Mrs. Jefferey Watkins

Mr. Watters Watters

Weisman Family Foundation

Weld County Fish & Wildlife Association

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Werner

West Coast Wheel Accessories

Western Union Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Westhead, IV

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Westhead IV

Drs. Mark A. Wheeler and Mary C. Wheeler

Dr. Mark A. Wheeler and Dr. Mary C. Wheeler

Whip Mix Corporation

Mr. James Whitmire

Dr. Gina M. Whitney and Mr. Jeff E. Hottle

Mr. Andrew Wichern, J.D.

Mrs. Joanne Wichern

Matthew S. Wilder, M.D.

Ms. and Mr. Amy J. Wiley

Dr. C. Corbett Wilkinson and Ms. AnaGloria Rodriguez-Wilkinson

Ms. Sharon Wilkinson

Williams J. Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Graham Williams

Mr. Patrick Williamson

Ms. Laura Willius

Mrs. F. Beverley Willsea

Ms. Jeannie S. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Wilson

Wilson's Charitable Account of Fidelity Gift Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Wilson, Sr.

Karen and Peter Winkelman

Winter Park/Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Lon Winters

Wintrust Mortgage

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Wojcik

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wolf

Ms. Ruth Wolff

Mrs. Galit Wolf

Mr. Eric Wolford

Ms. Whitney Wolz

Woodmen-Roberts Elementary

Mrs. Karen S. Woods

Mr. Adam Workman

Workplace Elements

Mr. Andrew S. Wykstra

Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Wyman

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I. Yanofsky

Mr. Alex Yeros

YMCA of the Rockies


Mr. Andrew S. Yon

Ms. Melinda Younger

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Younggren

Mr. Christian Younit

Ms. Jennifer Zabel

Mr. Chris J. Zadel

Ms. Rebecca Zaner

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zaversnik

Zepplin Places

Matt and Jennifer Zettel

Ms. Sharon E. Ziegler

Ms. Brittany Zuffolette

Mr. Mark Zuffoleto

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Zuffoletto

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals donor/partner
Medical Staff member
* Deceased

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