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Chapters for Children’s is a year-round reading program designed for schools, libraries and families to help reinforce good reading habits, teach kids about goal setting and introduce them to philanthropy while raising funds that directly support children who receive care at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Why participate?

Chapters for Children’s offers a platform to talk to children about the power of fundraising and the fulfillment that comes from being involved in a cause that matters to them and their community, while helping other children.

Donations from the Read-a-thon go to the Children’s Fund, which is a large fund that supports the areas of greatest need for the hospital. Many donations are pooled together to create this important base of support that can be used for any need, from emergency care for an unexpected disaster to providing support for research. It takes many gifts of all sizes from many thoughtful donors for Children’s Colorado to continue to provide the best care for all kids. Every gift to Children’s Colorado is an investment in a child.

Who can participate?

  • Children of any age and reading level can participate. More advanced readers can challenge themselves to read a certain number of minutes, pages, chapters or books; early readers and those who still prefer picture books can count how many books are read with an adult or older child.
  • Schools, classrooms and student groups are encouraged to participate as a group - with a focus on reading, this program can fit easily into school literacy initiatives.
  • Individual children and families are encouraged to participate and engage in both independent reading and reading together, so that even beginning readers can participate.

How to host a Read-a-thon:

  • Determine a 1-4 week period for reading. Ask each reader to set a goal of how many minutes per day they will read during that time. For children who are not yet reading on their own, have an older child or parent read with them.
  • In the weeks leading up to the Read-a-thon, encourage readers to ask for pledges from family and friends for the number of minutes they read during the designated reading period. For example, someone might pledge $.10 per minute. If students read just 10 minutes a day for 14 days that equals a donation of $14. Readers can keep track of pledges on a sponsor form.
  • During the reading period, provide a daily reading time during the day so that every reader participates. Also encourage reading both at school and home to be able to read even more and collect more money! Readers can keep track of their minutes, pages, chapters or books on a tracking sheet.
  • During the reading period, keep the energy up by inviting readers to share their progress with a short summary or presentation of what they read each day and celebrate milestones, like reading for 60 minutes, finishing a chapter or whole book.
  • At the end of the designated reading period, have readers report how many minutes they read (they can also keep a tally separately of how many pages/chapters/books they read) and collect on their pledges with the help of the tracking sheets.
  • Celebrate success! Present awards to readers or classrooms who read the most minutes or raised the most money!
  • Send your donations along with your school registration form to the following address. You will receive a special certificate of recognition and a report on how your donation will be used:

    Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation
    Chapters for Children's
    13123 E. 16th Ave., B045,
    Aurora, CO 80045

Tools to get started:

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