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We don’t have to wait for a better future for pediatric mental health. Working side by side, we can help improve the mental health system so that all kids and teens get the help they need, when and where they need it.

Make a gift today to help create a better mental health future for kids and teens.

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Take Action Fund

We have a vision to deliver care no matter what challenges arise and act when new opportunities present themselves.

The Take Action Fund is one of the most powerful ways you can support kids and teens struggling with mental health. Your gift to the Take Action Fund goes to the area of greatest need at that time and can support initiatives like:

  • Programs to break the stigma
  • Telehealth services in rural communities
  • Expansion of mental health services on Children’s Hospital Colorado campuses
  • Events hosted by the Youth Action Board, a group at Children’s Colorado where teens ages 15 to 17 advocate for and educate peers and the community about the need for mental health services

Make a gift today to the Take Action Fund.

Renovation Fund

We have a bold vision to provide the very best, family-centered mental health care for children.

While minor renovations have kept the Pediatric Mental Health Institute compliant with safety standards, our facilities are in need of expansion and renovation to match the state-of-the-art spaces in the rest of the hospital and at comparable programs across the country.

Your support will allow us to transform the Pediatric Mental Health Institute where we treat the full spectrum of mental health disorders. Renovations will take place on four floors.

We will expand our patient rooms to add pull-out beds for families to sleep overnight and be involved in their child’s treatment 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We recognize it is neither compassionate nor effective for families to be apart during difficult times. When families stay involved in treatment, they have the tools to help their child’s recovery after they leave the hospital.

We will also add inpatient rooms. Currently, we cannot meet the rising demand for inpatient mental health services. Kids and teens are coming to our Pediatric Mental Health Institute in growing numbers. Many have complex — and treatable — mental health needs that other providers and facilities are not able to address. For at least four months every year, the inpatient unit for psychiatric emergencies at Children’s Colorado operates at 100 percent capacity. This is not sustainable for our staff, and many patients have to wait to get into treatment. During that time, a mental health problem can escalate.

We will also expand capacity for Partial Hospitalization Programs, where kids stay all day for treatment but sleep at home.

This major transformation will allow our staff to deliver the very best care for the families who depend on us. To make this vision possible, we are seeking $20 million in philanthropic support.

Make a gift today to the Renovation Fund.

Research Fund

We have a big goal to better understand mental illness, from diagnosis to treatment to best practices system-wide.

With your partnership, The Research Fund will advance:

  • Discovery: understanding mental health disorders
  • Development: creating new treatments
  • Delivery: implementing new treatment into the community

Children’s Colorado has some of the best and brightest pediatric mental health experts in the country who are transforming the way we diagnose and treat these disorders.

Our team of experts are already making great progress to:

  • Identify school-based interventions for low income children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD.
  • Integrate mental health into all medical settings to improve overall quality of care, adherence, and outcomes for kids and teens.
  • Provide telehealth services to help transplant patients cope with the stress of an upcoming procedure.
  • Study the brain to understand what contributes to anxiety and eating disorders.
  • Pinpoint the cause of severe irritability, psychosis, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in youth to develop novel interventions.

The Research Fund is essential to continuing this progress as federal research support becomes harder and harder to obtain. As we bolster our reputation as a leader in pediatric mental health, we will attract more state and federal funding.

Make a gift today to the Research Fund.

Partners for Children's Mental Health Fund

We have a vision to establish Partners for Children’s Mental Health, the first-ever Center of Excellence for pediatric mental health in Colorado’s history.

A Center of Excellence is an organization dedicated to improving one area of practice. Partners for Children’s Mental Health will bring together pediatric experts from across the state. Children’s Hospital Colorado, University of Colorado School of Medicine and the Kempe Center, will spearhead the organization.

Because a child’s mental health affects many parts of his or her life, Partners for Children’s Mental Health will partner with a range of youth-serving professionals and organizations at all levels. Together, they will create a better pediatric mental health system.

Right now, mental health care in Colorado is patchy and inconsistent. Every facility uses a different prevention program, screening and treatment. This is confusing for families. They face barrier after barrier to finding the right care. Some never receive care.

Partners for Children’s Mental Health will assess all of the pediatric mental health services available statewide to create a state standard for the delivery of this care and identify where our kids are falling through the cracks. After they have created a new standard of care, Partners for Children’s Mental Health will then disseminate this information to providers across the state through an online platform. Providers will have ongoing support from Partners for Children’s Mental Health as they strive to implement mental health care standards into their practices.

Partners for Children’s Mental Health will also lead various statewide initiatives like suicide prevention and parent-peer support programs.

We recognize it is an ambitious undertaking to establish Colorado’s first-ever Center of Excellence for pediatric mental health, but we believe it is necessary for the future of our kids’ mental health. We have secured funding to launch the organization and have already hired three full-time employees.

In order to continue and truly make an impact, we are seeking $8 million in philanthropic support.

Make a gift today to the Partners for Children's Mental Health Fund.

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