This past August, four-year-old Paige was airlifted to Children’s Hospital Colorado after a series of frequent and intense seizures. Doctors put Paige in a medically-induced coma to see if the seizures would stop. They did not.

Her parents then made the decision to have doctors surgically remove the two areas or focal points of Paige’s brain that were initiating the seizures.

Paige had her first epileptic seizure in the summer of 2008, three weeks after her baby brother was born. Her parents took her to doctors in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, who discovered traditional treatments and medicines couldn’t help her. As her seizures increased, they began coordinating Paige’s care with Children’s Colorado.

Days after she arrived at Children’s Colorado in August, doctors performed a delicate brain surgery that offered Paige the best possible treatment for what was now nearly non-stop seizures—occurring every 8 to 15 minutes.  Doctors removed both seizure focal points and started the gradual reduction of her anti-seizure medications. 

“Children’s saved Paige’s life,” said Amy.

By the time she returned home in early October, Paige had to learn to walk again, talk again, and eat on her own after surgery. She was ready for pancakes after just two or three days on a feeding tube, and ready to go home with her parents and three brothers about two weeks ahead of schedule, earlier than anyone anticipated. Her seizures have stopped, her prognosis is strong, and her parents are nothing but thankful.

“As far as our experience and the quality of the care, this is the hospital for children,” Dave said.  

Read more about Paige in her hometown newspaper.

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