Alice 105.9 Cares for Kids



 How to help spread the word:

  1. email
  2. in person
  3. social media update including profile images to download

1. Email

Consider adding a line to your email signature during radiothon, Feb. 12-13:

I am tuned in to Alice 105.9 Cares for Kids radiothon on Alice 105.9 benefiting Children's Hospital Colorado. Listen with me Feb. 12-13. Join the effort and ask 105.9 friends to listen with us!

Send an email out to your contacts. If you have a personal connection to Children's Colorado, add it to your email. Here is a short sample email for your use:

Subject line: Listen with me!

Email text:

I'm listening to Alice 105.9 Cares for Kids radiothon on Alice 105.9 Feb. 12-13. Please tune in or listen online to hear stories of hope and triumph in our community.

This event benefits all the kids and families who rely on Children's Hospital Colorado.

Together we can make a difference for kids. Listen with me Feb. 12-13 at!

2. In person

Human to human appeals sans technology!

  • If it makes sense where you work, see if you can play radiothon in the work room or break room. Schedule a Miracle Break. 
  • Consider changing your hold music to Alice 105.9 during work hours Feb.12-13. What a great way to tell your customers you support Children's Colorado.
  • Become a Change Maker to rally your colleagues.

3. Update your audience on social media

Start by connecting with us online, then join the conversation.

Children's Hospital Colorado
Connect with the hospital on Facebook (@ChildrensColorado), Twitter (@ChildrensColo), Pinterest, and on their website.

Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation
Connect with the Foundation on Facebook (@ChildrensColoradoFoundation), Pinterest, YouTube and on our website.

Alice 105.9
Connect with Alice 105.9 on Facebook, Twitter and on their website.

  • Update your social media profile image with one of these on the Foundation FB page
  • Add to the conversations we are having about Alice 105.9 Cares for Kids during the event on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Share our posts, tag us, like and comment. If you share a post, add your comment.
  • Craft your own posts. You'll find some samples below. Remember to include an appeal for your followers to listen and keep your appeals short. Best practice is 80 characters for Facebook and 40 for tweets. No stress, it's a suggestion!
  • Remember to tag us in your posts. This boosts the virality of our efforts, which means more people will get the message to tune in Feb. 12-13.
  • On Friday night shortly after 6 p.m., help us thank everyone who supported this year's effort by reposting, liking or commenting the final total announcement post, tweet, etc.


Sample posts for your use:

  • We are supporting Alice 105.9 Cares for Kids radiothon Feb. 12-13 at @ChildrensColorado and broadcasted by @Alice1059 by INSERT WHAT YOU ARE DOING. BE CONCRETE! Listen with us!
  • Counting down to a million dollar miracle for @ChildrensColorado. Tell us why you plan to listen to @Alice1059 Cares for Kids radiothon Feb. 12-13. (Link to CMNH landing page, all other suggested links are to Listen on air)
  • Tune in to @Alice1059 36 Cares for Kids radiothon at @ChildrensColorado! 
  • Help us support patient families at Children's Colorado by liking @ChildrensColoradoFoundation.
  • I am answering the phones during @Alice1059 Cares for Kids @ChildrensColorado. Are you listening?


Use #36hrs4kids and tag us. Learn about hashtags.

Sample tweets for your use:

  • We are supporting @alice1059 #36hrs4kids by INSERT YOUR EFFORT
  • R u listening? #36hrs4kids on @alice1059 benefiting @ChildrensColo.
  • Tune in a million dollar miracle for @ChildrensColorado on @alice1059 #36hrs4kids.
  • If you are listening to #36hrs4kids on @alice1059, ask 105.9 friends to listen with us!
  • Too quiet at #36hrs4kids. Tune in @alice1059, get those phones ringing. 


You support a top 10 children's hospital!