Together, we can change the state of pediatric mental health

An estimated 226,000 kids and teens in Colorado have diagnosable mental health conditions, yet only 21 percent receive professional care. Colorado has no pediatric mental health system. Every facility and provider works independently, and there is no statewide support for care coordination. This is confusing for families who try to navigate the “system.” Some never break through the barriers.

Tragically, suicide is the leading cause of death for kids in Colorado ages 10-24.

Imagine if things were different. Imagine if kids and teens received the right care at the right time, and mental health problems didn’t escalate to emergencies. Fighting for this future is more critical than ever. We don’t have to wait any longer.

Children’s Hospital Colorado has a plan to both create access for kids who need help now, and create long-term solutions for the state of Colorado. Together, we can get there.

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One Patient's Mental Health Journey

Cora faced many barriers to getting treatment for a mental illness. Despite the fact that her parents recognized the warning signs, fought for her, and live close to treatment facilities, they still struggled to get her the help she needed when she needed it. Cora almost died.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Together, we can ensure more kids and teens get the right care at the right time.

Partners for Children's Mental Health

Partners for Children’s Mental Health (PCMH) is a newly developing Children’s Mental Health Center of Excellence. PCMH is designed to serve as a statewide resource to increase the capacity, access, and quality of mental health services for children, youth, and families.

Workgroup Chairs

Susanna C. Snyder – Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing, Maternal Child Health Policy Specialist

Kevin J.D. Wilson – Children’s Hospital Colorado Child Health Advocacy Institute, Senior Policy Coordinator, Strategy & External Affairs

Care Coordination
Lisa Brody – Signal Behavioral Health Network, Chief Operating Officer

Quality Improvement
Jessica Malmberg – Children’s Hospital Colorado, Clinical Director of Outpatient Services Child and Adolescent Psychologist & Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Camille Harding – Office of Behavioral Health Colorado Department of Human Services, Division Director of Behavioral Health

Service Array
Monique Germone – Children’s Hospital Colorado, Psychologist & Assistant Professor

Access, Screening, and Assessment
Kippi Clausen – Unfolding Directions, Founder & CEO, COACT TA Contractor, Youth Engagement and Transition-Age Youth

Workgroup Facilitators

Antonia Airozo – PCMH, Training Director
Susan Young – PCMH, Evaluation Director
Keni Putterman – PCMH, Training Associate
Ashley Brock-Baca – OBH, COACT, Trauma-Responsive Service Array Developer
Chris Meyer – OBH, COACT, System of Care Project Director
Detre Godinez – OBH, COACT Data Management and Evaluation

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