Alex, from heart failure to hospital patient ambassador


alex bigner

We first met Alex in 2012. He spent much of his early years at Children’s Hospital Colorado after doctors discovered Alex’s heart was failing.

Alex had open heart surgery when he was only 6 months old to correct ventricular and atrial septal defects – also known as holes in his heart. A pacemaker was placed to regulate his heart rate and doctors successfully treated his pulmonary hypertension.

“Because of the wonderful care and love Alex received from all the dedicated nurses and doctors at Children’s Colorado, he is a thriving young man who never ceases to amaze his parents and is a blessing to everyone who meets him,” Alex’s mom, Julie, said. “I can’t say enough good things about the nurses and doctors.”

Alex became a Children’s Colorado Ambassador in 2013 allowing us to get to know the outgoing young man he is today. He is an active, energetic 8 year old and doing great thanks to the care he received at Children’s Colorado.

“He has a personality that brightens the room and makes everyone smile,” Julie said.

Last April, Alex participated in the Little Hearts Luncheon and Fashion Show to celebrate the brave stories of pediatric heart patients and their families. Alex first appeared in the show at the age of 3. However, he didn’t get to walk the runway the first time. A fireman carried him down the runway because he fell asleep from all the excitement.

Alex has no fear of the spotlight. He is very open and never scared to tell his classmates and friends about his scars when they ask. He tells them his scar is for bravery.

“I told Alex that when they fixed his heart they added courage and bravery,” Julie said.

Alex loves to sing, dance, recite lines from movies, throw out his favorite catch-phrase, “awkward,” give great hugs, give his sisters a run for their money, and he never quite follows the norm.

“He is going to make an impact on the world because of his personality and energy,” Julie said. “He will be an inspiration to others as a person of entertainment. I don’t see him sitting behind a desk for a living.”

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