Eamon's journey from the transplant list to a new heart



Eamon was born with an underdeveloped heart. The left portion, which receives oxygen-rich blood from the lungs and pumps it out to the body, was barely functioning. This complex cardiac defect is known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Due to the severity of his condition, Eamon was immediately placed on the transplant list at birth.

The first non-matching heart

Eamon and his family waited three months for a new heart. In that time, Eamon underwent two surgeries to stay alive. He eventually became the first recipient of a non-matching heart at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

This form of transplant allows for patients to receive healthy organs regardless of their blood type. Eamon’s parents recall their most memorable moment at Children’s Colorado being the day their son’s new heart was beating on its own.

“I feel confident in the care my son receives at Children’s Colorado,” said Eamon’s mom, Michelle. “We love his transplant team. They took great care of him and his coordinator was funny, caring and super at explaining everything so we understood it.”

Eamon radiates courage and compassion

Today, 10-year-old Eamon enthusiastically shares his remarkable journey and talks about the importance of organ donation. He frequently visits other kids at Children’s Colorado who are waiting for a heart, in an act of kindness and solidarity.

“Courage means someone who will step up for another person," said Eamon.

Giving back

Eamon’s lion-hearted attitude touches everyone in his life. As a big brother to a sister with special needs, Eamon hopes to become a neurologist to help children with Down syndrome and autism.

Each year for his birthday, Eamon requests friends and family bring gifts for children in developing nations and blankets for the homeless because he believes in giving back.

“He has touched many lives and I am constantly being told how inspiring he is,” said Michelle.

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