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Gertrude supports the hospital with a charitable gift annuity


Gertrude Arnold

When Gertrude Arnold graduated from Colorado College in the 1940s and got her first job, she was able to make her first-ever charitable gift. She chose to give it to Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Gertrude was inspired to support the hospital by her aunt, who helped raise her and was a loyal donor to Children’s Colorado. Now 93, Gertrude has been giving to the institution ever since.

“I think there are only two things you can do for kids besides love them,” said Gertrude, who has three of her own children, along with several grandchildren and great-grandchildren, “support their health and provide them with an education.”

Every December, after paying all her bills, Gertrude makes a donation to the hospital with what’s left, and she has remained committed to Children’s Colorado—, even as her financial situation has changed.

After retiring, she wanted to continue giving to the hospital, but she also needed a reliable source of income. That’s when she decided to include the hospital in her estate plans with a charitable gift annuity.

Gertrude discovered that charitable gift annuities were a perfect match for her financial needs and philanthropic passions. This type of gift provides regular payments that she can depend on, along with significant tax savings, all while allowing her to give to one of her favorite causes.

“Not only does my charitable gift annuity pay a good interest rate,” said Gertrude, “but Children’s Colorado will receive the money when I pass away—and I have the income to live off of in the meantime. I found out it has great tax advantages, too.”

At a recent celebration luncheon for the hospital’s loyal donors, Gertrude met 9-year-old Kaley—, one of the children who benefits from her generosity.

As the saying goes, good things come in small packages—, and this couldn’t be truer for Kaley, who has a form of dwarfism, along with other health complications. After being diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia, a condition that affects bone and cartilage growth, Kaley has undergone multiple spinal and foot surgeries at Children’s Colorado, but has maintained a positive attitude throughout her numerous medical challenges.

Though she’s little in stature, Kaley’s personality is larger than life;, and she charmed all of the luncheon’s attendees, including Gertrude.

“She’s marvelous,” Gertrude said. “I love seeing the kids. They’re so wonderful.”

Gertrude has gone on several visits and tours of the hospital over the years to see the fruits of her contributions firsthand. She feels good knowing that that the impact of her charitable gift annuity will extend beyond her lifetime, far into the hospital’s future, continuing to help children like Kaley when they need it most.

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