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Have your cake and donate, too

Sam gave up birthday presents to support kids at Children's Colorado

sam friel

Whether you’re 99 or 9, your birthday can change someone’s life with your birthday.

9-year-old Sam has given up birthday presents to support kids at Children’s Hospital Colorado for the last three years.

The tradition of giving began with a tragedy that resonated with Sam, then a kindergartener. Sam was saddened by images on the news of young children displaced from their families after a tsunami hit Japan. The gregarious 6-year-old became inspired to fundraise after seeing a news story about a middle-schooler who donated his birthday money to charity every year.

Sam discovered a newfound love of philanthropy. That year, he donated his birthday money to the Red Cross to help children in Japan.

As his 7th birthday approached, Sam was looking for a new nonprofit to support. He decided Children’s Colorado Learning Services was a good fit. Sam was diagnosed with developmental dyslexia in 2011.

“The Children’s Colorado Learning Services staff has been extremely helpful in getting Sam the resources he needs,” said Sam’s mom, Jennifer.

Sam has raised nearly $900 for Learning Services through Team Children’s Colorado, and he hasn’t even aged into double digits yet. Next spring he will celebrate his 10th birthday with Children’s Colorado, his favorite learning specialist, and a giant check he holds proudly.

It’s easy to fundraise for your birthday with a Team Children’s Colorado fundraising page. Team Children’s Colorado is a fun, simple and paperless way to collect donations that help the kids we treat.

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