Kaila passed up gifts to show gratitude



Kaila underwent a risky heart surgery at Children’s Hospital Colorado when she was only 13 months old. She made a quick, complete recovery and since then, has never gotten sick with anything more than a sniffle. Today, she is an enthusiastic 10-year old who loves horses, art, tennis, choir, playing the harp and giving to others.

When Kaila was planning her 10th birthday party she decided she didn’t want any birthday presents for herself. Instead, she asked her friends and family to donate to the Children's Colorado cardiac team that saved her life. Rather than ending her party with discarded wrapping paper and a pile of presents, Kaila donated $350 to Children’s Colorado’s Heart Institute.

“Kaila is keenly aware of the role her medical team played in restoring her body so she could live a normal and healthy life,” said Kaila’s mom, Melinda. “I was not surprised by Kaila’s desire to give back to those who have given her so much.”

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