Meet Luke



When Luke and his family moved to Colorado last summer, they couldn’t wait to get outdoors and explore the mountains. They took a trip to Estes Park for a hike, and being an active and adventurous 10-year-old boy, Luke decided to jump off a giant boulder.

When he landed, a tree branch pierced through his shin toward his knee. Luke was immediately taken to a local hospital where he was cleaned up and sent home. He was still shaken up as he continued to heal. Concerned about his pain level and feeling that a second opinion was necessary, Luke’s mom brought him to the Children’s Colorado Orthopedic Clinic in Centennial to have his injury re-examined.

“We knew the injury was serious, but we had no idea just how serious,” Rebecca said.

Doctors confirmed nothing was broken, but they were still very concerned about Luke’s condition. If the fluid around his knee was punctured, his injury could become life-threatening. Luke was referred to the Children’s Colorado main campus so specialists could determine the severity of his injury. On his arrival, doctors confirmed what everyone had feared - the fluid had been punctured. Luke was immediately sent to surgery.

“We really didn't have much time to think about it,” Rebecca said. “Although we were in a whirlwind, we were comfortable and confident knowing we were at a top-notch hospital with outstanding pediatric care.”

After his surgery, Luke had a quick recovery. Two weeks later he was back to 100 percent. Luke still enjoys hiking and exploring. He also plays the trumpet and likes reading and riding his bike.

“The doctors and nurses at Children’s Colorado are experts in their fields,” Rebecca said. “They have one goal: to fight for the health and well-being of your child. Every staff member treated us with kindness, attentiveness and compassion. We are blessed and grateful to have such a resource in our backyard.”

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