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Meet Mia


Mia, like many 4-year-old girls, likes princesses, Dora the Explorer, and lollipops. As a Leukemia patient, Mia has already been through more medical treatments than most children will ever need to endure. Mia was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), the most common form of the disease in kids. Her cancer treatment is intensive; she will undergo chemotherapy until 2013.

Both of her parents work in the medical field, so understand a lot about blood diseases. Carlos, Michelle, and their three other children are doing everything they can to support Mia through her care and raise awareness for other families dealing with cancer.

“I could never go through what Mia has gone through,” said Carlos, Mia’s father.

Two days before Mia was diagnosed in 2008, she complained of severe stomach pain. Her mom, Michelle, scheduled a visit with Mia’s pediatrician, who suggested they do some tests.

The afternoon after Mia’s appointment, Michelle received the call. Her pediatrician explained that tests had showed immature red cells and elevated white blood cells—both signs of leukemia.

Mia’s parents immediately brought her to Children’s Hospital Colorado, where her diagnosis was confirmed. Working closely with Children’s Colorado's Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, her family is now doing everything they can to help Mia get better.

Family-centered care and cures
Michelle and Carlos are thankful for the supportive, family-centered environment at Children’s Hospital Colorado. They said their experience has made holidays like Mother’s Day even more poignant.

“I couldn’t imagine my life without my children or hearing the word mom,” Michelle said.

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