Meet Preston



Preston was 5 years old when his mom Tricia noticed a bump on his neck. His pediatrician prescribed antibiotics for a swollen lymph node, but when the medicine had no effect, they returned to the doctor for another solution. As soon as Tricia saw the look of concern on their doctor’s face, she knew Preston did not have a simple infection.  Preston’s swollen lymph node was the first sign of a much more serious illness.

Preston had stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a blood cancer that had spread from his lymph nodes to his chest, liver and spleen. He was referred to the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD) at Children’s Colorado for the immediate treatment he needed to improve his chances for survival.

At the CCBD, Preston was in experienced hands. Children’s Colorado doctors placed a port in his chest to feed seven different chemotherapy agents directly to his heart, which pumped throughout his body to kill the cancer cells.

“The staff at Children’s Colorado really put Preston at ease. They focused on his care and treated him like he was the only kid there,” Tricia said.

Preston endured seven grueling months of chemotherapy. The treatment came with uncomfortable side effects. Preston lost his hair, dealt with painful mouth sores, and needed medication to counteract additional side effects. Throughout his treatment, Preston relied on his family for support and encouragement, and kept his positivity and zest for life.

“Preston handled his diagnosis and treatment with such grace and maturity,” Tricia said.

Preston has been cancer-free for five years now, a gift he credits Children’s Colorado for giving him. He’s a busy 10-year-old who loves sports including basketball, swimming, and flag football.

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