Trey fights cancer with his love of sports



In Dec. 2011, Trey visited the doctor for what his parents thought was an ear infection. Doctors discovered a marble-sized tumor in his left ear canal, diagnosing Trey with Rhabdomyosarcoma – a soft tissue cancer common in children.

Trey’s parents, Ty and Jennifer, were shocked. “As we came to grips with it we decided that we would stick together, fight like heck and be as positive as we could,” said Ty. “Every day was not going to be good, but there was going to be good in every day.”

Trey played T-ball through 43 rounds of chemotherapy

The next year of Trey’s life involved an intense month of radiation followed by 43 rounds of chemotherapy.

“Besides the top level medical care and treatment Trey had, we never encountered anyone who wasn't extremely caring and concerned about him and our family,” said Ty.

During his treatment, Trey turned to the passion he shares with his parents, who are both physical education teachers. Not satisfied with watching the games from the bleachers, Trey continued to play T-ball throughout his treatment. Even if he only had the strength to play a few minutes of a game, he gave it all he had. Sports allowed Trey to lead a nearly normal of a 5-year-old.

Trey successfully completed speech therapy to restore speech deficits caused by treatment. He visits Children’s Colorado every four months for routine scans and checkups on his eyes and ears. His scans continually come back cancer-free.

Cancer-free and still playing sports

Now, Trey is a happy, healthy 7-year-old who does well in school, is caring toward others and likes to test his parents’ patience as often as possible. According to his parents, he can be very stubborn, which served him well during his fight against cancer.

“If you did not know Trey was a cancer fighter, it wouldn't even come to mind,” said Ty. “He has a little bit of a crooked smile, but it only adds to his legend.”

Trey’s parents hope he will continue to have a cancer-free life. For now, Trey is finishing up basketball season after participating in his first year of wrestling. In the spring, he will play flag football, soccer and baseball.

Jennifer and Ty believe Trey will impact other people through his experiences. “We want him to never forget those experiences and the people who made such a positive impact on him and our family,” said Ty.

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